7 May 2012



♕ Who will you be when the walls come down? Brick by brick, they are being dismantled, and you will all soon be free to step over the rubble and live your lives in fine abundance. Roam the lush lands on the other side of the ancient fortifications – aye, my Hearts, they must come down. Keep your senses affixed and make ready. The nuisance of linear time is dissipating rapidly and shall shortly be no more. This being said, we must let the curtain drop and say the is over. Bravo, job well done. Theatre has proven herself a place of exhilaration and heartache, invaluable not only for her performers, but for all who sought knowledge in viewing her travails. Yes alas, the is over now and you must go within and seek remembrance of who you were before you tread the boards. You must go backstage and forage about. Remove the cumbersome and poorly-fitted garments, they never suited you. With clean water, remove the and the layers of soot and grime built up over so many lifetimes. There have been far too many performances to count, am I right? Tear away all traces of facade and gaze deeply into the looking-glass. Who is this being of exquisite perfection that you chance behold? So taken aback are you by this vision that you are momentarily stunned. &;How can this be?&;, you cry out. &;How is it that I did not know, all this time, who I am?&; Look again, I say, and this time do not be afraid. It is permitted that you should relish your magnificence. Aye, we encourage you. It is fitting. It is rightly so.

♕ All of us are of the Godspark. Of The Light we are, each and every one. Borne from Source, set loose to live and be amidst the splendor of all Creation, we are a family of One. Unique in our expression, yet all made in the image of our Holy Parentage; we are their pride and joy. , Angelic, Starchild, Goddess, Master…there is no difference here. Such is the way of The One. God made us, so we all bear the same finery. In times to come, it is imperative you do not forget this truth.

♕ So, I ask you again, my Darlings, who will you be when the walls come down? Who’s face peers back at you from within the shiny looking-glass? I feel your confusion as it has been a long and interminable task, I agree. For some, you have played so very many roles you scarcely know which way is up. The Earth Theatre seemed never to take a break, to never close down. Only brief hiatus there were, crammed between the scenes, allowing you little time to rest and only to plan. Who shall you be this time, you wonder. You chose new parentage, locale, costume and visage. Which role to play and why. What of value would be gleaned from the experience? And then, upon the stage you stepped. You read your scant lines only briefly beforehand, committing them to memory as best you could and leaving a bit too much room for improvisation. You became frightened. It mattered not how many times you had done this very same thing. And, oh, the lights! So blindingly bright were they that you could barely see the forest for the trees! Center stage, you turned, only to find the eyes of the Universe upon you.

♕ Take note of my use of the past tense here. As I said to you before, my Hearts, this performance is done and you are taking your final bows. Mother Earth has shut her theatre down, and thus in these days of you are to be showered in reward. Stand tall and strong. Receive the treasure as it rains upon you. Then go back into the quiet place, beyond the fanfare and applause, and just be. Remove the tattered garments of the third dimension and watch yourself in the looking glass as they drop away. Shed them one by one and thank them, remembering how each one made you feel. Were they too heavy, or of a color that did not suit you? Did they hide your light away? Your lines fell heavy from your tongue, as you spoke not your own truth but the words you felt the others wished to hear. Still, even if you had found your own truth remembered, to speak it aloud would have surely resulted in persecution or exile, branded mad or worse. Do you feel enlightened now that it is done? Do you yet comprehend that the time for subterfuge is past and that the shackles are off and you are free?

♕ Gaze deep within now, my Dears, deep into the looking-glass and find yourselves again. For, you were never really lost. You must now stay your ground and proclaim to all the world that You Are. A master, a warrior, a sacred spark of God. Give no credence to the naysayers, for there shall indeed be many. Pray hard and fast for those, as they are playing to an empty house. Go before them and show them what must be done. Take their hand and stand with them before the looking-glass. Look deep within, then say together, from the heart, I Am…

My name is Brigit, the Sainted, the Lady of Healing and Song. May the Light of Christ be with you always.

**Just a quick note: My Team communicates with me a lot, through music. I’ll get in the car and the same song will be playing on 3 or more of the 6 preset stations. After getting this message as I woke up this morning, I drove to the store, and Christina Aguilera’s “Reflection” was playing on 3 of them. (I sensed this was my guide and best-friend, Rastran.) Take a moment to listen, and you’ll see the amazing synchronicity between Brigit’s thoughts and the lyrics. Spirit speaks to us in the most awesome ways! Namaste… Bella ♥

Reflection Lyrics- Christina Aguilera