Channeled by Méline Lafont Veröffentlicht am

Dear Ones,

We have been receiving beautiful from the Super Full Moon yesterday and we derived advantage from this.  Even the Visualisation day on the 5th of May caused tremendous changes which we could use to our advantage also.  Big things are happening partly thanks to this and we thank you for that.  We are full of Joy for this and we see the effects that are right now.  The Energetic Veils are lifting more and more each day and the time between thought and Manifestations are shortening fast, which is why it is important to know what you are wishing for and thinking of.  Keep having Faith my dear ones and stay focused right now because all you wish for, will be shortly after thinking it.  So be Positive and erase every negative thought you might have.


We are approaching , so the days and time are shortening fast.  You will have the feeling that time flies and that you don’t have enough time to fill your days.  This is because the Illusion of time is fading away very smoothly and it is making place for Endlessness.  will be in the NOW moments like we (the other Dimensions) are already living in, and then you all will understand why we always speek to you and refering to the NOW moments.  For it is an Eternity that you will live and time will be non existent.

We are on the verge of the Final Breakthrough and we are busy with the last but most Important components of our task.  The sky is grey for we are monitering lots of chemtrails as a last and desperate attempt of the Cabal.  But do not worry, the Pleiadians are removing them from your skies so they will not damage you in a way that they were supposed to do.

All the Elections will be of a Crusial point this year, the Cabalistic Leaders will drop one by one and it started already by Sarkozy whom is not to be elected anymore.  We are monitering much Joy around the World, for this is the first step that is visible to the ‘public eye’. No more behind the scenes Dear Ones, but very soon all visible through the public eye on the Mainstream media.  You have al Visualised this on Visualisation day and this is Manifesting in the NOW moment.  You may expect these Manifestations that you have visualized soon my dear ones, for the times between Visualisation and Manifesting are of a very short time.  This is all thanks to you and we are seeing lots of souls waking up through these Energies and visualisations.  These Awakening souls are to see the Light thanks to you all and for this: great job !


We are all co-operating with you and each other to make this happen and you are doing a wonderful Assistance on this.  We have been able to dig out some more arrests, whom are to leave soon.  It is the most important step right now, for they are blocking your way.  The road to Ascension has to be free to go ahead and this will be so, soon.

The Elections of will be the most important one, for is in their hands.  Obama is of the Light as most of you know, he is a Starseed of Sirius and is assisting us and you for this matter.  He is being blocked by little muppets of the Cabal families but he is about to freely speak very soon.  You may know for sure that he is aware of our plans of Assistance & and he is NOT against it.  It is just a matter of removing the Cabal first before he can speak free.  We want to ask to Visualise now, for this will be the next step.  After this everything will be different again and changes are about to be amongst you all to be able to live in Harmony together with each other.  Harmony is the secret of a good future and no war will be allowed, for it will simply not exist anymore.  We will all see each other again after eons of time and for this we are feeling excited.  Most will not recognize us due to the lack of remembering, but we still know you all very well, my Dear Ones.  Your family is awaiting you impatiently, so to speak, and they are watching you grow into Ascension.  Use your thoughts very well and keep on Visualizing changes that you want to occur for they will Manifest, so use them wisely.

I am .