Posted by on May 1, 2012

What would life be without contrast?

and night. , sad.  Youth, age.

Yin and yang.

Beginning. End.




Solar and lunar cycles dovetail engagingly this week as Beltane culminates in the Wesak Full on Saturday.

In the , days grow longer, leading into the just six weeks away. Farmers ready the soil for planting. South of the equator, light recedes. Eclipse season arrives with the next new moon.

Within this weaving of time, I notice the play of and light. Sometimes the follows us. Other times, it’s by our side. What’s hidden within the , the depths of the psyche, that longs to be revealed?


Feel the Magic

I’ve been previewing the astrology of 2012 for ages. The next eight weeks initiate one of the most intensely transformative, emotional and exhilarating periods we’ve ever experienced, both individually and collectively. June is the big month. I hear from people around the world who are feeling the build-up.

What will happen? There are no answers. As old patterns break down in this transition phase, indecision and uncertainty have become the new normal.

Now’s the time to tap into the magic, hold the highest intention and create from the heart as the moon waxes, spilling drops of illumination on , hands and feet.