All potentials exist and in every event there is opportunities, stay on the side of the positive and yet the light and dark must integrate all portions of itself. The awakening is uniting one consciousness with another, while sharing ideas and multiplying them until all is working together toward a unified result of new inventions and discoveries. Being ready to expand does require effort and self motivation. Now the evolution of an entire species is being challenged and courage and a willingness to be open to guidance will ensure well being. Technology must be done with love and is the perfect union of science with integrity when used to develop community and a balanced environment rather than to divide or isolate. Earth will respond when nurtured for she knows that when we demonstrate care she can make the leap into the dimensions with grace. The that is pulsating on our planet is intentionally intense and continuous waves. Learn to work with it and do it fitfully, diplomatically, stay out of the frenzy. You can do this with rest and daydreaming and visualizations.

The values and are being redirected for it is imperative for the ascension to occur that we bless that which we are and deliver a higher spiritual reunion with our source. The creative rays from our prime creator is shining on earth first and foremost and this is why we have many observers watching us. They too will go through the ascensions process and will be prepared. How incredible to know that we are connected to all life forms that we were not previously, consciously aware of in this lifetime. Compassion is the rule as many people are confused and block the heavenly energies. There are some who will not continue and it may be due to their inflexibility of change. Go with the flow means to bend when appropriate, and use common sense. Your consciousness can take you any where you want to go, it is limitless. Living many life times before you are not inexperienced as you have been made to think. Marvel at the excitement and explorations that are coming. You know there are other realities. There are cities of light above the skies and beyond. A different world will emerge in harmony. The spiral of that was seen in the night is a doorway to other realities. Crop circles are another. They use sacred geometry, it is a frequency wave, a form of communication and intelligence. Scan the internet for more information on sacred geometry as an expression and math as an art form. It is a higher level to oShar of the Daybtain and often must be felt from the heart before using the brain to decipher. From the seed comes the flower and then the pollination of the nectar which feeds and bears fruit and brings about the most pleasant fragrance. The growth of the plant comes from its determination to plug into internal data and external data and to feel its way to the warmth of the sun. As we connect to galactic societies we are rising into multidimensionality. Love begets love, the more you are that frequency the more capable you are of sharing ecstasy. As you teach these to others you are performing a task worthy of a master.