through hilarion May 14, 2012

Namah Shivaya Om
Namah Shivaya Om
Namah Shivaya
Shiva Namah Aum

My name is Shiva, lord of the ganges.
Owner of running (flowing) rivers of light.
Revealing the original lotus flower or perfume of your long forgotten and trod over being.

At this time and location I share my simple invitation to you who feel stuck in their energies
or feelings., or whose feelings and energies feel stuck in them.

Repeat or hum or sing the words above if you like these,
And let me bring you into the river of living light.
Flowing light.
Ocean and flower of light ,
Which you both are and become.

Let me help you to soften up your vibrations if you wish,
So your light will be easier to work with and you may increase your learning speeds.
Om Namah Shivaya