You can download the Package here:

After an incredible first week of our campaign, we’ve put together an Update Video to update everyone on our progress and introduce an exciting new project that you can be involved with.

Since so many of you have asked if there is any other way you can help us spread the word about this project, we’ve created the Sirius Image Campaign. You can learn more in the Update Video. Below you will find the link to the Campaign Package. In it, you’ll find graphics that you can share in your social networks – compelling images and ideas that can help get people’s attention and start a dialogue. With all of our voices together, connected by modern technology in an unprecedented way, we can make sure that everyone across this planet has a chance to hear the truth.

For those of you who have connected with us over the last week, we thank you again for the support you have shown – in your financial contributions, encouraging words, and your efforts to help spread this message.