2:22 AM on my confused laptop , (still set to time, though I'm in ) and the download/ processing is complete. Yes; this video was meant to be… and it's been a long time coming!

In February of 2009, an undeniable series of divine synchronicities led me into my DMT , in such a way that even I (who was decidedly anti-drug) couldn't ignore the validity of the call to partake in smoking the spirit molecule. Smoking this entheogen was, for me, like turning the exact right key in the lock of the door the separates this reality from the greatness of the vast and loving "beyond." I've sung it's praises privately, but side-stepped speaking about it publicly, until now.

So many of you, my dear viewers, have written in asking me for a video about entheogens and shamanic drug use. Finally, here it is.

May the guardians of the spirit molecule smile upon us, and make it possible for all those who seek this key, to find it.