1 May 2012

Through hilarion May 1st 2012

A human looks outward beyond the as this is how the sense organs and brain work,
and inward in or within their body.
From this then deduce that there is an outside and an inside.
An entity in spirit would never view this way.
This will be among the most real changes apparent following the shift.

Human beings will be relieved of this egocentric view,
to find their feeling vision freer of the fear and self arrest that follows
from the threats which apparently emerge from an "outside".

Much of this can be traced back to the reemergence of teachings
from a time when humans could no longer en masse feel their connection to
the spirit which runs through all life.
That is what they fell from.

Now from there they can explore entering the golden age of human thought and exploration,
because their feelings will be more in balance, less affected by errant realities.

If you experience inner cataclysms of your light, count yourself amongst the lucky,
who are allowing that.
Inner now , at the accelerated level dictated with how fast the energies are starting to move,
It is likely to be cataclysmic.
Because the shifts are bigger. Bigger largely because they are faster which means that the energies are changing alot and really quickly now. Another way to relate to this is that the energies are
covering greater spiritual distances, if you look at change linearly.

That is what I suggest you add to your practices.
To be open and be relatively okay with shifting energy realities within you.
And as a friend of mine has said, don't limit yourself by thinking you should immediately be able to interpret these ever new shifts.
You have to have attention, and experiences,
and it all distills in as you study and continue to study in the greatest laboratory ever made,
the combination physical and energetic body you inhabit, and are interweaved with, at this time.

From here you must learn.
And this is the greatest challenge, but we expect great progress,
especially regarding truer and thus truer clarity for each one of the mind body energy system.
As with proper understanding,
this system becomes your operable spaceship.

St. Germaine

Through hilarion on May 1st, 2012