& God

[Hi Jesus & God, how are you today?] Hi Suzy, We are very happy today. Today on planet marks an for the of higher knowledge. This is the alignment that precedes the 5-5-12 opening of portals. The alignment refines how the human body accesses the truth of their existence.

Man is now able to access his history with less filters in place. These filters have been knowledge blockers in order to keep the masses in check. This was part of the Divine Agreement on duality and free will.

The majority that was needed to free humanity from this restrictive way of life is reached, the tipping point has been accomplished!

Never again will Gaia be in a solid third dimension. Her vibration is singing in harmony with her frequency. She ascends! Her human family is on track with their ascension and many souls and sparks of God find you more accessible than anytime on Earth before.

To give an analogy; the fog has lifted in your DNA. Give yourselves plenty of rest and water and imagine with love.

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