4 May 2012

Dear friends I greet you today in joy! I am pleased to be here with you once again. We know the of all who read these words, and you must know dear ones how very precious you are. Although you may not always feel it, each of you are vital to the unfolding of the plan.

You may not always see the paths your light travels, so know now dear hearts how very vast and all consuming your reach is. Your awakening has effects on the masses all over the world whom you have never even met, because as your light travels out into the grid it seeks to illuminate all darkness and seeps into any cracks it may heal. Your light also effects others with whom you have spent countless lifetimes though you may not be aware of them in this lifetime. Any members of your soul family who have yet to awaken to their true divine nature are effected on a profound level by your awakening as it sends ripples of loving remembrance through their souls. They may not be consciously aware of what this touch means, but they do begin to long for more.

Some of you do not grasp the full scope of your reach, because your higher self is not yet anchored to your physical . You go deep within to your meditations and often send your soul out into the world, out into the universe, to perform some healing, some noble service for your fellow brothers and sisters. When you return to yourself, your soul is light and free and does not always meld properly into your dense . This leaves your greatest asset parked right outside the garage dear ones!

Ancient tribes in the history of the Earth had a daily ritual of rejoining their physical body with their spirit each day. They feared if they did not complete this ritual their spirit would simply float away, and their physical would perish. As with most Earthly religions or spiritual practices there is some grain of truth to these beliefs. No, you will not die, but you will feel that separation. You will feel that something is lacking dear ones.

On those days when you are feeling disconnected from your truth simply sit in silence and ask your spirit to rejoin your body and fully anchor itself there in your high heart. While doing this you must not let your spirit wander out into the vast universe as you do in your meditation practice dear ones. On the contrary, you must place your total awareness on your physical form, and take note of which frequency your form vibrates. Then place your total awareness on your spirit, and take note of the frequency at which your spirit vibrates. Your intention will then be to sit in stillness asking that these two energies meld together as one. You may feel each cell of your physical form begin to vibrate at a higher frequency as the of your spirit begins to heal each precious cell with golden radiance.

You may use this practice daily if you wish, but after utilizing this tool for a few weeks, your physical body should be much less dense from the cleansing it has experienced. This will enable your spirit to come back home fully and comfortably each time it returns to your form. Once this happens you will feel as if you are glowing, as if you are radiant as you step into the full truth of who you really are dear hearts.

We send love to all those who read these words today. Until we meet again, au revoir.

Taurin channeled by Dezarae Starnes “Anchoring to your high heart” May 4, 2012 http://www.becomingbliss.com/