5 May 2012

Taurin: We are delighted to be with you again beloved sister!

Dezarae: Sweet Taurin, do you have another message for us today that we for our journey?

Taurin: My love there is no thing you need! As long as you feel there is some thing lacking in your experience there will be. Dear for as long as you feel you are in need of some thing you will be! At what point do you decide there is no thing else you need?

Dezarae: Hmm are you just nit picking my words?

Taurin: *laughter* Absolutely not dear heart! You chose that word for a reason! There is still a inside of you that you need to do, see, be, or have something that you do not. If you hold the that you are not yet there, you never will be there. Allow us take this one step further. At what point do you decide there is no more journey? For as long as you define yourself as walking along a path how can you sink into the of yourself as complete? If the surrounding your bodies is of a being on a grand journey picking up lost fragments of self along the way, how can that shift to one that has finished a grand journey and collected all those pieces? Do you see dear one there is already a version of yourself who has all those fragments?

For as long as you feel you are searching, you will continue to search. Go ahead and BE the divine grace you already are! Shift your energy to that of one who has just finished and won the race! There is where you find your truth dear ones.

Most of you shift into your Champion creation and celebrate the love you have brought into the world, but you tend to slip back to what feels comfortable as you view the heavy 3D world. What feels familiar for you is your journey to ascension. You could view this reaction as shifting back and forth between 3D and 5D. To maintain in the higher dimensions you must simply feel you are finished with the race.

For someone that goes to medical school, they eventually graduate and actually start to feel like a doctor once they experience being a doctor instead of being in a classroom. They experience the rewards of being a doctor by being a doctor rather than a student of medicine.

You have learned that to receive love you must simply BE love. We present this message to you in the same simple truth. To ascend into the higher realms BE ascended rather than on an ascension path.

Dear hearts we send grace and love from the angelic realms to all who read these words. Until we meet again, au revoir.

Taurin channeled by Dezarae Starnes “There is no thing you need!” May 5, 2012 http://www.becomingbliss.com/