2 May 2012

Dezarae: A few people have come to me for advice recently and have mentioned that they feel they have cleared so much debris from their bodies, but they still have this one nagging that they just cannot seem to shake. They feel healed and whole except for this great big elephant sitting in the room, whether that be from trauma related to health, disease, abuse, drugs or diet. I too can relate to this phenomenon. What kind of advice can those in the angelic realm offer to those of us still trying to heal that last little difficult piece of ourselves that seems to be stagnated in 3D ?

Taurin: I am so pleased to be with you once again dear hearts. It is my honor to answer this question for you . It is most important that you fully understand the truth of your being. You have within you the grand power of the creator. Each being that has been permitted to incarnate on the at this time has been given an important task to see to . You have each been entrusted with such an important mission, because time and time again you have proven yourselves to be capable of completing your work. Many wished to offer their service at this time, but you were chosen dear ones.

The particular project you are working on at this moment is one of great importance, because although planets have ascended many times before, this planet has chosen to take the human race along with her. It was decided that if this experiment were to be successful we would need to send only the most capable, the bravest, and the most determined souls to carry out this process.

Throughout the history of the Earth there have been many injustices, massacres, and other gruesome forms of violence committed on her soil. In order for the Earth and the human population to ascend into the higher realms this needed to be transmuted into a and fed back into the Earths grid.

The most loving beings were sent to populate the Earth at this time, and so as each of you heal an aspect of yourselves and release that loving accepting energy back into the Earth, you bring yourselves all one step closer to ascension. What you must realize my dear hearts is that the heavy energy, or as you call it the last little difficult piece of yourself, does not belong to you.

Before your incarnation you agreed to take on the heavy energy associated with your most persistent issue, to then use the powerful divine force of your light to transmute this energy into the vibration of love, and release that transmuted energy back to the Earth.

It has been said that you must be the change you wish to see in the world. This wisdom is greater than you know dear ones. As each of you work only on healing that last piece that aches to be consumed by love you are not healing only yourselves, but you are healing anyone in the entire history of the Earth who has ever struggled with that particular issue. Dear hearts this happens due to your combined efforts joining together to create a great force which propels your healing out into the world to consume the heavy energy of that particular vibration attached to other beings or areas as well.

My love you falsely believe you are carrying your heaviest baggage when you are in fact carrying someone else's baggage, because you were the strongest in the group. The only thing you have left to do is empty the bag and let go of it for it was never yours to begin with.

I feel your energy begin to shift dear heart. Have you come to a greater understanding?

Dezarae: Taurin I feel a huge load lifting from my shoulders! Thank you so much for this beautiful wisdom you have shared with us today. For me personally knowing that this resistant energy does not even belong to me, and I can turn it into love and let it go really has made a great deal of difference. I still sense that some might find it difficult to let go of something they have been holding on to so tightly and claiming as their own for so long. Is there any practical advise the angelic realm can offer that we can use to let go?

Taurin: Oh yes dear heart! The only thing you could do is just BE, and BE in joy! Be stillness. Be love. Drink lots of water so that your body can heal itself, and you can have a greater connection to your higher self. Eat foods that are alive as they carry important information and will raise your vibration. Spend time grounding yourselves to by being in nature dear ones, and bring more nature into your home in the form of plants and animals. Laugh more, play more, and embrace each other more often. When you feel the energy of that heavy load you have been carrying, bless it in love and release more of it knowing that it does not belong to you, and go back to your practice of joy. Doing this every day will ensure completion of your mission and ascension into the higher realms dear hearts. Until we meet again, au revoir.

Taurin “Transmutation of Heavy Energies” channeled by Dezarae Starnes May 2, 2012 http://www.becomingbliss.com/