16 May 2012

Channeler: Le


* Eirenae is one of my dearest friends, and a fellow Council member. We are incredibly alike! She is an Angelic in form, just like me, and we both have fluffy, fairylike dispositions. She’s tiny by standards, with dark hair and deep brown eyes. This was given to me as a personal message, but I thought I’d share it so that everyone could see that our friends and family aboard ship are just about as ‘over it’ as we are down here! Enjoy!

☆ Everything is going to be alright, Aurora. I know you’re sad. You miss home and you want to be finished, but please don’t worry. Hold fast to your dreams and don’t let anyone or anything discourage you. In the wake of the next full moon, you should see an increase in the number of awakening humans, located in particular sectors of the planet. Which these are, I am not precisely sure. From what information I have been given, this should take place in the more developed lands, which are the places most deeply mired in outdated thoughtforms. This should help to ease the pain you feel in waiting for the transition. So much loneliness there is amongst the Lightholders. It is hard for me to see this, it pains me. I do not understand these foolish ideals of angst and separation. Why do so many human beings dislike each other so? It defies all sense. I recoil at how, for so many, the very first emotion felt upon meeting a new being is distrust. Can they not see this is their Brethren? I have watched our own crew behave this way whilst on the ground. I cannot imagine how it must feel to you to suffer the amnesia, if only in part! However do you bear it?

☆ Alas, I send you all my love because I see that it is lonely there. We all are equally anxious for the time when we may present ourselves and put an end to all this silliness and secrecy. We miss you. Everyone on Earth has family that is missing them, we are not above all that. But very few people remember. You remember. So, we shall all take heart that the rest will remember, too. Most of the Lightbearers remember. The fruits of the seem such a paradox to me. I watch everyone. You work so hard to rise up from 3rd density and up to the 5th, the 6th, and then the 7th-which is what we like best, you and I. But the higher you go, the more uncomfortable you become, because you still have to go out of the house and live in the 3rd density again! You experience great discomfort, because what’s out there feels so harsh and primitive to your newly refined senses. You know. You have to go out and find the money, which I find abhorrent, and you must drive the car. I think of it as bathing in a fresh stream, then choosing to jump into polluted waters. An unpleasant necessity, of course, and we are quite impressed at how well you tolerate it. Please forgive me, I do not mean to be harsh. Remember, the entire Council is feeling through you, and this is simply how we are perceiving it.

☆ Many of you on the ground are saying how much you want Disclosure, but what they do not understand is just how badly we want it, too. We wish to have our families home again, and we are ready to move on to the next step. The view from the ship is so pretty from where we are stationed, and I wish that you could see it with me. Or rather, I wish you could remember that you see it when you come to us in dreamtime. I know that sometimes you do. Ah, well, all in good time and you shall recall everything. The ship is so very close to the surface these days and the landscape is so lovely. At night, the lights from your cities twinkle like diamonds. I could sit here and look out at them endlessly, all the night long. I would like to come to the surface and see the cities with you, sweet friend, as I know the cities are the places you like best. They remind you of home, on the ship, do they not? So, do not lose sight of what lies at the end of the rainbow. We know a lot more about what’s going on then you do on the ground, which means you can trust me when I say that all the people are going to be fine. Excellent things are happening. Keep confident. Keep on working hard and get rid of all those dreadful old attachments and things that are making you feel so locked up. Everyone must work at this. Let me speak to all through you and say to the people of the Earth that your families and friends could not ever forget you, and we love you ever so much. That is all. Remain in blessed peace.