May 2

Ascended Master, ’s Weekly Message ~ May 1 – 8, 2012
Channeled by:
May 01, 2012

Dear ones, to have me come forth to you as guru, , guide, master, spiritual instructor, or however you term the role you must display constant devotion to the path you are maneuvering and to the Will of God. The diligent chela or student is not only willing but able to handle any improvement of -correction quickly. And to have the constancy of any out of alignment state of mind to be quickly rectified and to be able to persevere tough adversity and still come out stronger and positively confident of one’s own ability of knowing thy with perfect completeness and harmony of all that you are.

I will stand beside you and guide you to perfecting many divine virtues such as; courage, faith, forthrightness, independence, constancy, discipline, leadership, the proper use of inner-power and speech and so much more that is also tied into the fourth chakra. I encourage you dear souls to master the Throat Chakra and utilize its energies into your everyday affairs. Each of you represents God in every action. It is through the throat chakra where you find your voice, where you learn to speak directly yet with tact. Where your wisdom is amplified by your actions that always speak with kindness and compassion no the circumstance or person. Some dear souls are still struggling here. They have found their voice, but have not mastered the tact on the language they choose to communicate with. Your actions dear ones; your written word, spoken word, thought, feelings, and all other actions reflect your God Presence otherwise known as the I AM Presence. Knowing this, it is apparent that when you approach another in any kind of communication that you do so with respect. People from around this beautiful globe come from different backgrounds, and religious and spiritual practice. You are not required to agree with everyone, but respect each other for what each of you believe in. When you find yourself dear ones in a situation where you do not find resonance with what another is saying, simply excuse yourself with politeness and courteousness – show and demonstrate your God Presence ALWAYS.

Through your dedication to improving yourself you will find the inner power that will burn away any previous thinking towards limitations. You will discover you have none. It is okay to question what is happening around you and within you. Without questions, how can you find the answer to what you need to know? When you question certain aspects of your spiritual self, your growth and so on, your answers lie within. Listen carefully and not only with your ears, but with a deeper knowing and understanding by trusting your intuition and from the gentle guidance of your guides. You will be your own champion of any achievement. No matter whose wing you find shelter with as a teacher or guide it is you that must go through the stages or phases to bring out what achievement you are aiming for. Be patient with yourself, your journey will find you face-to-face with some exciting challenges, and some might be a little bumpy. But you have weathered well thus far and you will continue to succeed no matter how long it may take you to reach the goal you have set for yourself.

From all the many spirited souls who are always trying to decipher what God’s plans are for the people of earth, one thing the majority of people can agree on that are in the line of spiritual work, is that God plans are the restoration of humanity into unity with the Light, His Light through freedom from the illusion that has covered the eyes of the human people for some time. Oh yes, dear ones there is always more to God’s Plan, be it known He is with you every step of the way of your journey to that perfect Oneness and Unity. Now is the time dear ones to learn from past spiritual events that have paved the way to the earth’s global awakening and ascension in this current lifetime. Take those valuable lessons and go forward with the wisdom you are able to glean from each spiritual event that is written in many books and is accessible through this faster informational means using your computers.

I, El have lived embodied into other people. I have taken on similar situations to what some of you are experiencing today. I understand what it is like to face great joy and equally great sorrow. Through many hardships and understanding of self and of God, I was able to make my ascension after I repaid all my karmic debts through concentrated service to God and the people selflessly. It was no easy task even the mere words used now seem like it. It is through my dedication and discipline that I learned to draw forth my own pure nature, heart and soul combined and the eternal power of my own I AM Presence. The I AM Presence is ALIVE inside every person. It is the means to your arrival HOME to that of God’s arms and ever-loving presence that bridges a connection that is unbreakable. The fulfillment of recognizing this , this incredible power that is so radiantly alive has no words but an incredible joyous feeling that is beyond normal adjective descriptives.

When your Inner and Outer consciousness unites, you do not stop or cease in being who you are, rather your merging of whole self is the uniting of your God-Self. The Divine Light that fills your central core of your very being, once united with your God-Self liberates you from all things in infinite Love, Wisdom and Power – the very makings of the , your spiritual foundation. Each of you is a part of uniting mankind, each of you has a place and a mission that is as unique as each of you are. Continue with your reach. When you think you cannot go another step, try again, reach and ask for Light from God, never stop dear ones. He will never turn his light away from you dear ones. Reconnect your faith to Him during times of distress and in times of great joy. God makes an excellent partner to share what is happening within and around your life.

I have been known and called a stern master a few times as a teacher and with this I AM also a friend to all that needs a friend in this life. Accept my hand of friendship and allow me to guide you to expanding your awareness and your knowledge. I constantly offer Loving Help to all people who are able to accept my disciplined teachings and guidance and who wish to call to me. For those of you who wish to make use of my presence, simply make a daily call with your own I AM Presence. When you invoke my presence you are reminded of being faithful to yourself and to God. We will work together to convey what your Divine Plan is. Committing yourself to your spiritual growth with assistance from me or another beloved master will increase the amount of doors that will open wider and increase the scope of your selfless service to all.

Don’t procrastinate any further dear ones. Free yourself from any delaying cause and take an active role in your growth into becoming ALL that you are meant to. Let’s purify each level, each particle that holds the mystery and answers to who you are that concerns your inner power and spiritual freedom now dear ones. Determine with all your inner power and concentrated activity of Your I AM Presence to no longer allow discordant appearances in your outer world. Release all negative energy dear ones and fill yourself to the brim with Light and Love from God, and from yourself. Liberate yourself from any force or fear by loving without hold or barrier.

We are moving into the closing of our discussion today dear ones. I look forward to our next transmission in a few days. The journey ahead is filled with brilliant discoveries and awe inspiring experiences. Fill yourself with love and compassion dear ones and share them with ALL that you meet; reflecting your God Presence in every action and every word. My love is endlessly yours, my guidance always available when you require it.

I AM Ascended Master El Morya through Julie Miller

I am encouraged to share what I visioned during the meditation I took part in prior to receiving El Morya’s message.

I saw beloved Mother Mary similar to this in front of me as I sometimes do. This time among pink pearlescent clouds were small babies, cherubs. They were smiling, and waving. It was a warm and delightful vision to see. I can still see the dimples where their little nuckles are and see the curly hair of both male and female babes. I stayed within this vision long after the meditation was over.