3 May 2012

Channeler: Susan Elsa


Message by the one & only Egyptian reincarnated as Egyptian Susan Elsa (Copyright 2012)

Dear beloved

This is IsIs speaking, and I come on a serious Note. Of course, it is always advisable and healthy, to keep the Fun in everything you do or experience, just at , you have to stand up from your Seat.

As explained in a previous Message, there are many Levels, Multi-Dimensions and Worlds in Creation. At the Moment, You are in only one of these many, many Worlds.

I would like to explain to you further, how Creation is “built”. It might be helpful to visualize now, all these different Dimensions or Levels like STAIRS. Each Stair, builts a Step closer to Heaven. Of course, again, there are many “Stairs”, like in a Stairway of a big House. One Stair goes from this World up and down. Other Stairs go from other Worlds up and down.

Now, we are in right now, are all about Love. It is all about how the Power of Love can uplift us now, to climb more Stairs than before, because we have had enough of a Break, catching our Breath.

Through these different higher and lower Levels/Dimensions of Energetic Vibes, some of us slided to low, and pulled all together down a bit. This is how it works.

The more People on the Planet “send out” a particular Energy or Emotion, the more it manifests. The more “heavy Feelings”, the more the Energy pulls the whole Planet down. The more “light Feelings” or “LOVE Feelings” especially, the more does the Energy lift us up and the whole Planet with us. This is why some of you feel 2012 to be a very chaotic Year, where 2 opposing Energies or basic Forces are “battling” a last Time.

In some ways, it is true. In other ways, there can never be a battle between “good and evil”, because evil never really could stand up to Good- the whole Power of Evil which some of you feared in the past and are healing now, has been ALWAYS ONLY AN ILLUSION. It is like a Nightmare, from which you wake up and REALIZE, oh, it wasn’t real, it was “just a Dream”.

It feels real, for a . We are supposed to learn, and stay spiritually clean during our “School”. Love, is part of us, and is supposed originally to be our GUIDING LIGHT, always and throughout any Time! Our Souls, or higher Self, which is another Title People gave your Light Body, which is eternal, is supposed to be always consciously CONNECTED with YOU DURING YOUR EARTHLY JOURNEY. The earthly Journey does not mean, to “take a Break” from your Soul and be ONLY PHYSICAL BODY/VESSEL.

In ancient Times, we did not live like you live today. We kept a strong Bond to our higher Soul Consciousness and to important past Lifes. Not all Past Lifes are healthy to RE-MEMBER. Some, take time, others are already concluded fully and the Lesson FINISHED. Some, are so affecting emotionally and/or spiritually, you cannot progress in a current Life Time fully and easily, if you do not integrate this particular past Life. We are not made to be here 50 to 100 Years and then, go back into a higher Soul Consciousness, having the two Perspectives or Lifes SEPARATE. What meaning would it have then, to come here and live a temporary Life, if not for the purpose of remembering it afterwards, at least, THE LESSONS YOU’VE LEARNED?

Isn’t this how we grow larger than we were and keep constantly progressing? We analyze the past including past mistakes or unresolved issues, and we learn from them and find new ways and solutions. This is how I became the IsIs you all today think you know so well, but most of you to be honest, have not remembered me yet, and also, not all can. If you never had a past Life in , your earthly Journeys have taken place in very far away locations, different Times and Cultures, you literally DO NOT KNOW ME.

In a higher Consciousness, my Name is not IsIs, nor is it Auset, nor is it Lady of the Throne or any of these limited, human Words. Only a few chosen Souls, of which almost NONE live today currently in a physical Body/Vessel, know who I am. They know MY SOUL.

All others I ask kindly to step aside, and let me be me. Just so there are no misunderstandings:

I am getting stronger and stronger by the Minute, and even if most People today do not KNOW my real Story, the worst Parts you DO KNOW. What I had to do through, was almost too much, and now I am here, to not only live and share Knowledge with all of you in Peace, but also to heal and enjoy my Life, because I did not enjoy it in ancient Egypt. It was pure Torture, after Osiris was killed. I ran around Lands, crying and crying like the Nile River. I screamed so many Times, I can’t even count them. I also used all my Magic, to put a Curse on Set- he had no Right to ruin my Incarnation like that. I have had absolutely enough and anyone, who now comes into my Way, hurts me on purpose or touches in any slight Way my healing Wounds, will regret it extremely.

I have made a personal decision, and in the past I was holding on to lots of Pain, I was holding on to bad Souls, trying to help them. I have a very strong motherly Instinct. I always believed in the good in each Soul. I fought and fought and fought, for thousands of Years! All that, because I kept the hope to see the worst Souls change and emanate Light again and Love. I admit openly, and right here, that in the Past, I did have difficulty accepting FREE WILL in these cases, I always wanted to help, I could not accept to see “evil decisions” or sadness even, or pain. I am all about HELPING others.

After all I experienced, it was LOVE which gave me such unlimited strength. I have lived since then a few Life Times, trying to keep up the Patience and heal as many Souls as I can. Over and over and over again. When I think of how perfect my Beloved One is, I can’t but to have Strength. His Love gives me the Power, to keep going.

Every time I broke down, it was my Love that gave me back my Belief and held me throughout my weakest Years.

The Times are over now, where it was healthy to have patience with the Ones who hurt us and interfere in our Development. It is wrong, to focus on low vibrating, polluted Souls who polluted themselves by free Will. If some want to leave the "Gam“ Field” and go rather break things, let them. Don’t allow yourself to fight for someone not worth it and FIND BACK TO LOVE.

Your Love and Yourself, is the most important Priority. I am talking about a healthy Ego. You do not have to be Ego-free, it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Your Ego, is the Core Consciousness or Mind within YOU. You HAVE TO take care of your Ego as well, not be egoistic and selfish, that is not the case when you LOVE anyways. But chose your LOVE over crying for unworthy, bad Souls.

I really mean this. Let go of them now, and let them fall into the Abyss they chose. Don’t torture yourself, as I did, being sad FOR THEM, it will only cause you to sit there like a mourning , and cry and cry and Tears won’t heal them nor change their Mind.
Focus instead on your own Soul, what you deserve, focus on the Rewards heading now toward all the Good Souls you encountered in your Journeys. Give all your Love to your Soul, to your own Mirror.

The biggest trick of Evil, is that it used your COMPASSION to pull you down. There have been many tricks in the past, who caused good Souls to be pulled down by heavy others. A good can be cheated and abused by a bad . Don’t let anyone play with your Good meaning well for them any longer.

Empower yourself and BELIEVE FULLY IN LOVE.

Each one of you has an eternal Love. Now is the time we all come together again, or not. It is your decision, if you want to be united with your Love, or if you want to attack, let’ say, another Soul and Lovers, which then causes YOU TO LOSE YOUR LOVE.
Karma is running and flying now, through each Town, City and Country. Bad Karma, meaning, bad resulting Energy coming forth from a negative Emotion, Energy or Word sent out before, manifesting now against the One’s who performed the FREE WILL BASIC THOUGHT which led to the Manifestation, must be completely healed in Order to ascend.

You cannot ascend, if you carry heavy Luggage still. It is the most important time, to be working on all these Issues and spiritual Debts in 2012.

I mean this now from the Bottom of my Heart, from my Soul to yours, please hear my Voice:


It is a big Lie, which could have serious Consequences if you fall for it. You have to BE. You have to LIVE. You have to MAKE DECISIONS. You have to LEARN. All these Actions and Journeys, HAVE A RESULT, depending on WHAT YOU SHAPE AND DO IN YOUR PHYSICAL LIFE THROUGH THE FREE WILL “TOOL”.

You must TAKE ACTION now, and DECIDE that you wish to ascend. You can open your Heart and say” I am open for your Love God and I receive healing Light into my Soul”. Another good Wish, a sign of Fairness and Justice in your Mind, would be to ask for all your Karma by free Will, to receive it and dissolve/heal any Bad Karma. To ask freely God, to send you the BILL YOU MUST PAY.
This smoothes your Karmic Debt already extremely, and is very courageous. Like that, be aware, all bad past could come at you, sometimes at once, but you can also resolve all of it at once, which is an advantage in 2012. The energies around us support exactly that right now, and you can take advantage of it anytime.

To the Ones who ignore their Karma, Truth, the divine Order to respect other Life Forms and Souls:

You’re DONE by the End of 2012. YOU ARE FINISHED, with Seth. You are going in the “best” CASE, far away from all of us, into Isolation, and sit there, until you become sour and fall into Ashes. You will have to sit there, in NOTHINGNESS, and face all you done to others. You will face it, you will suddenly feel it inside if your own Soul.

Be aware, any Move you make now, to hurt me or another innocent Soul, will be your own free Will Creation for your own designed “Hell of Separation from God, Love and all Good”. I am not accepting any more Lies or Dirt being thrown at me, and I demand you to step back. YOU DO NOT decide for me! You do not decide for God! You ACCEPT GOD'S LAWS FOR EVERYONE, just like clean Souls all do! I will endure all you do to me, or others I love, and then, I will watch YOU boil in your own Soup, for all Words of Insult you threw at me while I was mourning, for all Torture you done to me, while I was living my own Life doing my thing. For all the Attacks and Rudeness toward me and Osiris, and my Situation, you will be blocked once and for all from entering Heaven with me and Osiris. No problem, enjoy your temporary Flesh, I don't mind if you make my temporary Life a stressful Battle for myself- I HAVE ETERNITY AND YOU LOSE IT LIKE THAT. Get that in your Head and RESPECT other People!

Its all about LOVE, and FEAR.

Fear has had a dirty grip on our Planet for a long time. Love unites, while Fear separates. Finally, we are speaking here about the symbolic Story of & EVE. and Eve LOVE EACH OTHER. They are ONE.

You are a t a Cross point now, and one Path leads to the “DEVIL”, the other Path leads to the Kingdom of Adam & Eve. Think deeply about what I am saying here, if you want to learn some real Truths, because the Devil never had any Power. He tricked you.
All he tried, was to separate Adams & Eves, to weaken them.

I AM IsIs and I send forth LOVE & UNITY to the Planet, leading all Adams & their Eves back together in HEAVENLY LIGHT. And so it IS IS.

This Text can be shared and distributed with Credit to IsIs reincarnated as Susan Elsa.