Message from , Paul the Venetian
Channeled by:
May 07, 2012

Dear ones, I have come through this dear vessel today in reminder to you to see the beauty that surrounds you at all times. Even during the most adverse conditions there is beauty to be seen, felt and experienced. Certain events are coming your way, challenges both big and small, during these ever-changing times, it is important to see the beauty that is thriving and alive not only around you, but within you. Realize God, also known as the Creator or the Source to some has never abandoned His children. He is always with you; He lives in your heart dear ones. He moves with you through every event, every obstacle and in every step. He has given each of you many indications that He is there, you only need to observe, listen from within your heart to see and know dear ones.

As each of you moves forward deciphering your mission and where your path will lead you and you will be faced with unexpected challenges. You know this for you have already successfully reached through so many already. No matter how well prepared you may consider yourself or no matter how patient you may appear, there will come a time when ALL that will be thoroughly tested and you will rethink this vain belief. Some of you may face horrific events that will leave you completely overwhelmed due to the shock of what is required to endure the circumstance. These overwhelming experiences are to draw you closer to God, the Creator. To reach for his arms in comfort KNOWING His love for you is always accepting and unconditional. You will need to honestly and truly go within to your very soul to access the infinite power of your own strength, and inner power. His love for you will light your way through any grief stricken moment. All you need to do dear ones is open your heart to Him and allow the connecting flow between you ever more. Find solace within His and home within His heart.

Understand dear ones; you do NOT have to wait until you can no longer handle the situation you have found yourself in to reach the unlimited Source Energy of God. He is there ALWAYS and at ALL times for you. Remember, HE has never abandoned you. He has always been with you. It takes time dear ones to uncover the clutter that is there within your being through painful memories and discord from past events and situations from this lifetime and from others that have managed to carry over unto this one. Given the fact that time is required to remove this baggage does not mean it is impossible; quite the opposite dear ones. Remove the old ways that are no longer serving you any good, and only causing harm. Discover a newer way of living and being that is found through the heart with honest to goodness truth, honesty and LOVE. Love yourself for the beautiful person you are. Regain the power that was taken from you through difficult events that are keeping you from . It is your power to behold, no one elses. Once you are able to revisit that painful moment and see it for what it is and accept all that is there with no excuses given then you begin to love yourself and to heal through forgiveness. Not only are to you to forgive yourself but those that caused harm to you. Release the old hurt feelings that have been keeping you from progressing to God, he is waiting dear ones. He wants you to succeed, not to drown yourself in despair. Live with Divine Love and Beauty in every waking moment of your life. Know you are loved ALWAYS by me, by God and many others. Never feel you are alone.

It is relevant dear ones to go within and to heal yourself as your first step to correcting any errors along the way. We do not keep track by a list of what they are and we do not condemn you if you have a few more than someone else. You must come to learn the lessons and understand the growth possibilities for each one. At the time some of your hardships were excruciatingly difficult, you cried, screamed, didn’t sleep and worried so much; yet what you did dear ones is reach down within yourself, into your heart where your inner strength lives and you brought it to the surface. You know you ARE meant to survive and to succeed. Each of you has a built in determination that feeds your courage. Sometimes it takes one longer to see this, but eventually ALL of you do. Gaining the true knowledge of yourself requires a responsible outlook and acceptance of your complete self. All that you have done, regardless where your path has lead you has been based on choices. Your choices require responsible action and admittance on your part. You know you cannot fix what has already happened, but you can learn from what went wrong so you don’t repeat exactly the same methods that brought you to a particular event or situation.

It is time to change the negativity that has attached onto your mind, body and spirit just by the power of positive thinking and self-love. Seeing your truth cannot be forced. You must want to change and be willing to face all that is there when you do go inside to reflect and to learn. When you are on this road of deep self-discovery, understand that no one can force their truth upon you. You must find your own truth by simply loving yourself, through forgiveness, care and compassion. Once you are able to love yourself thoroughly you then will be able to love others wholly; you will find comfort within your own being in every sense of the word. Each of you has to learn the ability to perceive the truth. This truth will come about when you are able to push your Ego aside long enough to realize you really don’t have all the answers and you must be willing to put aside any ill-conceived prejudices and discover everyone has a truth and everyone has a story and beliefs. Everyone on your beautiful planet deserves to be listened to with respect and kind consideration. And this healing and acceptance ALL begins with you dear ones.

What you can give plenty of is God’s gift of Truth and Love. You are only responsible for your own choices, not anyone else’s. Realize dear ones that throughout all your experiences through your choices keep focusing on the bigger picture, moving through, finding peaceful release and calm. Each of your challenges were opportunities dear one to learn new solutions and ways of doing something by taking the initiative first. Step out beyond your comfort zone dear ones and discover a horizon of opportunities to learn new things and gain deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Find and discover the resonating energy that is inside your soul and lives through your heart that will direct you and draw you to new subjects to absorb. Learn to take a large problem and break it down into smaller components, into easier segments so you are not feeling so overwhelmed and conflicted. There is always a at hand that does not include panic and discord. My energy and love is available to ALL people that are on the journey of discovering the God Light that is inside every being of your world. By invoking my presence, I will guide you until you no longer require my guidance. Beautiful beings of light you, I am honoured to speak to you this day; as we come to the end of our discussion I remind you to really KNOW how deeply you are loved.

I AM Ascended Master, Paul the Venetian through Julie Miller