Message from Gaia, Earth Mother and Goddess
Channeled by:
May 19, 2012

I greet all children who reside on my surface with so much love that you will feel it as you embrace and rejoice each step you take as you make your way through each day of your journey.

Each of you holds an abundance of that is both creative and destructive. There are many souls upon the surface of the Earth that cause harm without any thought of the consequence of their actions. All action no matter how good or how negative has consequences and each of you are responsible for everything you do. There will come a point dear ones when your bodies make their way to the cool depths of the Earth in order to feed and produce life once again. While you live and play in your current life stream it is necessary to always live fully and honestly with love in each and every motion, action and step. It is not difficult to be thoughtful; it takes no more time to change a thought or way from one to the other. What it does require is the want to change a negative habit into a positive one. To change an old method or belief and update it to where you are now requires the same thing – the want to change and effort. You must see through your efforts and not quit part way because it becomes too hard or maybe you are not seeing enough signals that you are progressing correctly. Learn to trust your intuition dear ones, allow your blessed heart to guide you. When you give into second guessing and uncertainty you are allowing your Ego to control your choices. Be strong with who you are. Don’t give into to distractions that are put across your path. Rise above each and every one stronger each time because you have gained wisdom from every learned experience that no book could have given you.

Your journey will take you to many unknown areas for the potential of expanded knowledge and personal growth. What you will also discover dear ones is that through these darkened places of uncertainty is where your soul ultimately roots within your and the earth. When you are faced with any grief or discord you instantly ground yourself even if you are unaware. You may inhale and deeply sigh, some might pray to God or whomever they glean comfort from. It is during this time that your spirit roots with the Earth providing you with encouragement to dig deeper within yourself for courage and strength to carry on. If you are unaware, then become wakened to this reality of nature and incorporate this new knowledge into all aspects of yourself. There are many features of yourself that is lovely, spiteful, light and dark. You must come into complete acceptance of each detail in order to walk in balance of all that you are.

Change is inevitable. There is a rhythm of change that is noticeable between movement and specific cycles. All around you dear ones change occurs. There is a twirling dance of life, death and rebirth that is evident in yourself and in all living things. You need to discipline yourself to know when it is time to rest and when you need to be active. It is relevant and most important also to know when you must allow an illness to run its course in order to transform you. Through my guidance and from following your heart, you will learn what homeopathic remedies you can use for many of the common illnesses you attract most. Many of them come in the of scent, simply by inhaling their scent you can change the effect of an illness or symptom of an illness. Being in the age that you are now in, there is much available and usable by all members of your family. Take the initiative dear ones to learn about living medicines and other healing techniques.

I wish to remind you all through our chosen vessel today that during some of the ancient practices done by the early people helped flourish others and the land hundreds of years ago. What developed was an insatiable desire of greed that drastically changed the earth’s body. Over time the connection between the earth and the human body became weakened. What occurred and what still is occurring is an over-abundance of gathering for profit and gain. What is given in return to the human body is more pain and suffering from simple illnesses. When you learn to reconnect and remain connected to the Earth through your love, you will feel a warm flood of warmth that begins healing almost instantly. The earth has given so much of itself to you, please take time to be kind to the earth. Pick up trash if you see it; find ways to help heal the earth and in turn the earth will heal you. Through your kindness to the earth and the people that live upon the earth you will help heal and create a wholeness for yourselves.

It is never too late dear ones to reconnect to the earth and to feel the embrace of my love return a thousand fold. Seek to discover new ways to support the diverse population that will aid in the survival of yourself and of the beautiful life that is alive all around you. Dear ones understand and realize you are part of a living system, one that is inter-dependant and surviving only from your inter-connections with other living things. Take lessons from the plants that grown around you, the ones that have been growing for hundreds of years have much to teach you. Through the wisdom of the life around you, you can learn how to heal yourself and how to become humble once again. Connecting with the nature of the life allows you to be in-touch with nature in a most profound way. Through the plants of the earth where you reside you can learn to developing your skill to listen to the spirit that is alive there, for the spirit is alive everywhere. When you can listen to the spirit, then you begin listening to yourself. When you focus on the purpose of a particular , your eyes are opened and I mean really opened. Through this focus you will see beyond the green stem or leaf, or flowering bud. You will be able to see more dear ones. You will see the connectedness between people and the that has your focus. From this you will be able understand how working together with others, and nature you are helping to heal each other and yourself.

When you take it upon yourself to learn naturally balancing ways of living your life on earth, you will discover your consciousness expanded and you becoming more mindful towards yourself and of every person you are in contact with. When you learn to grow anything using the earth, you will learn much of yourself. You will learn the earth also has cycles just like you do and from careful observation you will learn when to turn the earth, when to give safe fertilizer, when to water, when to leave it alone in the air and sun – you will learn. When you learn to give back to the earth instead of always taking you will be welcomed with harmony in all aspects of your life and you will become a true of the earth. You are all very intelligent and I encourage each of you to use this intelligence to the highest of good. Be compassionate and loving and really develop true care for every breathing life form on this beautiful planet you call home. When you are unconditionally loving to each living life form you are actually giving me love dear ones and I welcome your love enthusiastically.

It is from the life force of naturally balancing earthly methods and uses that you understand about living in harmony with all life that is evidently growing, being able to work together and to heal one another, your friends, family members, provide useful and simple information to communities and so forth – you are sharing this opportunity with others to be more hands on with their own bodies and health. From sharing you will also discover many have cultural methods that have been useful for many generations. Trading and gathering information to aid in your own healing and expansion of knowledge is a beautiful act of giving and receiving dear ones. When you are harvesting knowledge all is possible that is good and beneficial. Through careful observation some of you will be able to help in the aid of growing endangered plant life that are indigenous to your area and eco-system. Through your aid dear ones you will learn how to truly respect and love each other and the world which you live upon.

Continue learning and educating yourself. Find material that stimulates your senses. It will bring you spiritual growth while toiling with the earth. Through the ability of growing something with careful and loving attention you will discover simply pleasure and joy dear ones. I hear so often the complaint of a so many souls claiming they cannot grow a thing. That is pure nonsense. You cannot rush the growth of any one life-form. Each of you were grown and nurtured, and many of you have nurtured life. Try nurturing on a smaller scale and be wowed by your efforts. Take the time to grow your plant from a seed or tiny seedling or sprout. If it doesn’t grow, learn why and try again. Do not give up dear ones. With the warmer months approaching in some areas across the earth, now is a perfect time to give planting and growing a chance. Patience is required just like in anything else dear ones. Honour the life you wish to grow and develop. Before long you will see the tiny green sprout rise to greet you, soon followed by a flower. Touch them gently, speak to them occasionally. There are many plants that are responsive to their caregivers. Many herbs and vegetables have flowers that are very fragrant and beautiful. Have fun dear ones discovering something new of yourself.

Appreciate the beauty that is thriving all around you. Recognize the fact dear ones that what is ugly to one soul is beautiful to another. Each life form has its purpose and each is beautiful and worthy and deserving of your love and respect. I look forward to the many growing projects that many of you will participate in over the next few months and I am always waiting for when you connect and ground with me. The rhythm of the earth moves with you always.

And so it is, Earth Mother and Goddess – Gaia through Julie Miller