By Le. May 11, 2012.

* Aurora: My favorite clients to with, by far, are the children. As the newest generation of Starseed begin to grow up, I’m finding more and more of them seeking answers to their questions about God, their own origins and the apparent changes they see taking place all around them. I had the opportunity, recently to with Julian, an outgoing and exceptionally bright 12-year-old Rainbow Child. He had just completed a rather exciting past life regression, during which he learned that he is one of the “blue people”, a seasoned Arcturian warrior who has incarnated at this time to help implement the new balance between and play, and to “save humanity”. He recovered memories of many past lives as a soldier here on . But most exciting of all were his recollections of having fought in the Galactic Wars! When we sat down to do his , it seemed that Julian had questions about one , and one only…soccer! What about soccer? The is coming and does that mean there won’t be any more sports? Competition is negative, right? He really loves sports (just like me – I come from a big sports family!), and he was worried that he wouldn’t have a soccer team anymore. To do his reading I used a mixed deck of about 160 cards, and of the 7 pulled we got , and (twice)! When it came to Julian, these guys were not messing around! Below is Uriel’s message as given to me, regarding Julian’s dilemma and how sports, play and competition factor into our .

Uriel: The games as you know them now will eventually be a thing of the past. Oh, they shall still be played, do not concern yourselves about that. In fact, I see them being played with an even greater frequency than they are now. The difference will be in themanner in which they are enjoyed. Gone shall be the misconception of sport as “work”, a long-term goal of superiority to be repetitiously and painstakingly attained. What shall remain is the grace and finesse and joy; a quest for expertise which enriches the spirit and allows one to propel himself to greater and greater heights. What shall also be key points are unity and fun; a means of bringing people together in shared happiness. Sport has the miraculous ability to take a tired and jaded warrior and bring him back to a place of childhood wonder and innocence. It is freedom of self-expression. An artistic license. So, what is this but the very essence of creation?

Thankfully, indeed, the games you so love shall most assuredly be carried with you as you move further and further into the higher densities. Yet they shall exist more as an exercise in Unity Consciousness, instead of in the denser, dualistic role they occupy now. That being a vehicle for separation, and in some cases, exploitation. Think about it, my friends. You have all attended professional sporting events at one time or another, so examine the experience closely and think about what you may have seen and felt. You attend for the love of the game, and you have positive and loving feelings of loyalty and honor for the team or person with whom you feel the greatest affinity. However, oftentimes these energies transform themselves, eventually becoming negative and parasitic as the crowd is whipped into a frenzy of unbridled emotion. A “me-first” mentality takes over, the illusion of “I am better than you are”, which is separation. The fever spreads – “win at any cost”, even at the expense of another’s safety. I could go on and on with this. Coaches and parents do, at times, apply intolerable pressure to the games participants, and the addition of greed – the age old lure of money – is yet another factor I feel does not need much elaboration! Imagine all of these baser energies merged together at the same time, in the same place. It has been written that the outgoing forces have been able to harness this kind of and apply it for nefarious purposes. This is not untrue, dear Brethren. Less often now, but it has happened. Shield yourselves well as you enter a clustered arena. Greed stress, unrealistic views of self, fear of loss are all perversions of what is competition. They are perversions of the beauty of the games and the excellence of the Self. Of the simplicity of simply having fun.

Competition is not a dirty word, when applied in it’s correct context. You compete withyourself to reach higher levels of enlightenment. You compete with yourself refine a skill. You compete with yourself to become an ever brighter and brighter beacon of the Christ Light – a helper to your fellow players, the one to pick up a fallen comrade and assist him off the field of play, the one who shares his knowledge and expertise. You are the lover of the game and expect no reward for your participation. Such is the way of sport in the New World.

The new energies, as they permeate and reshape your reality, shall no longer support the old forms of distortion and exploitation. The changes wrought shall be not dissimilar to the clearing of your lands and seas and skies – endeavors of which I am most honored to say I am a part. The bloodletting shall cease, the greed to become but the faintest memory. The besting of another shall be an icomprehensible goal for one of higher consciousness. Only the playfulness of childhood shall remain. Play is the precursor to creation. It is the springboard to swift and accurate manifestation. And so I ask you, my dear friends, what could be better than that?