3 May 2012

. The Transformative Nature Of Your Dreams. By, Le. May 3, 2012.

For so many of you, your dreams are now beginning to present themselves as opportunities to discover a variety of new and exciting facets of yourselves. For some, these dreams allow you to step into the shoes of, and become united with, one of the scattered fragments of yourselves, which have incarnated into other dimensional sectors of the human experience. Take note that I do not refer to any of these as your higher self, as it is simply my own very personal viewpoint that there is no one aspect of your self which is any greater or wiser than another. The term “higher” can be misleading, and I have counseled many who have been under the erroneous impression that this – which is but the vibrationally strongest you left behind, incompatible with the dense 3D – somehow is better, or has it better than the part of you which is now incarnated on Earth. This energy is you, and it is actually one of the merging aspects I speak of now. Let us now consider the other times, when you may choose to travel “home” to revel in the loving embrace of beloved friends and family. And also what I like to consider a type of “work-study”, or intergalactic road-trip. These often occur during the nighttime sleep cycle, and you use this time to go “back to work”; to do the myriad jobs which you normally perform when in your natural environment and awareness. You may even attend a Council meeting or a class. Far less common are the times when you are taken away in the physical , for much need healing and recalibration. I have observed the puzzled reactions of many who have awakened to find a bruise or a tiny pinprick marring their skin, and it is this type of travel which may serve as one potential explanation. Know that all of these should be thought of as accelerated growth experiences, and no particular type of “” is of any more importance than another. All are powerfully enriching to your and your progression out from the grip of the 3rd density. If you take nothing else away with you from our talk today, let it be this… All is equal in Unity Cosciousness.

There are a wide variety of ways in which you may identify whether or not you have had one of these transdimensional experiences. There are indeed signposts to distinguish them from the lessons of the lucid dream. Notice how you feel upon awakening, the emotions which are present. Your senses will be heightened and finely tuned. You are able to smell, touch and taste in exact detail, as though you’d been wide awake all along. Word for word, you can precisely recall a conversation, a piece of music or the most minute details about what you have seen and done. You were there, yet not there. You were you, but somehow not yourself at all. Have you ever awakened on the night, amidst the throes of one of these experiences? You attend a crying child or other such tasks, then fall back to sleep, instantly resuming the “dream” at the precise point where you left off? You are shocked that this occurred. How can this be?

Dear friends and family, the days of full enlightenment are rapidly approaching. There is precious little of your time left before you are enjoying this full integration of self. This is wonderful news indeed! As Earth’s timelines merge together as one, thus your own are merging together as well. What you are accomplishing each and every night is the necessary coming together of your knowing, your memories and your Self. All are converging perfectly onto one blissful pathway to Ascension. Try to record your journeys as you take them. I also cannot stress enough to you the great importance of sleep and meditation. Your lessons occur just as frequently in the relaxed, meditative state as well, so do not neglect your daily practice. These are the times we all look forward to; when we are able to work with you, unhindered by the distraction and demands of the 3rd dimensional illusion. Be in awe of yourselves, as you are our shining stars! Be in peace.