Message from Ascended Master Rakoczy
Channeled by:
April 30, 2012

I observe from my ethereal retreat the coming and goings of Earth. There a good many wonderful souls who are trying so hard to discover what they feel they are missing from their life. They go through all the effort to make their external life appealing to the eye, and to the neighbour who always seems to have . Your journey, the search for the Light and the journey to find your Real Self starts not fixing the external needs, but working from within. Providing all the toys, gadgets, the best that your money can buy does not enlighten you to who you really are, other than you enjoy being part of the supply and demand of the economic structure. Discovering who you are demands you to be honest and true with the raw you; the part of you that not many people get to see is WHO you really are. Don’t be just an when it comes to unfolding your future, be the of your reality and your future.

There are so many outside perceptions to consider when you are choosing which path to take; demands of life that distract you even further; what is most important dear ones is remembering there is no suspense to what you are creating for yourself. The future you are creating is filled by the grand knowledge you have gained from many challenges that were both difficult and pleasant. Your future is created by your active participation to go out of your way to improve your life through life changing choices that are for highest of good for all involved. Make an honest effort to focus on one area on your spiritual journey that you are drawn to, master it and make it work for you. Don’t juggle learning too much at one time, you will in no time feel burned out and overwhelmed. Enjoy what you are learning at every stage of what is required dear ones.

There is a luminescent beauty of life that offers you many viewpoints and compels you to look at the simplicity around you. The flowers growing in a field do not want to have a kingdom or to be rich, they only want to grow and dance in the breeze on a warm day. And that dear ones is abundance, the simple beauty of life is rich with spiritual activity and opportunity for your consciousness to grow and manifest into brilliant achievement. To be able to live simply within the means you have, no greed or lust for egotistic power. Many beloved souls on your planet are doing such, moving to smaller cities with less pollution, growing their own and medicinal plants, healing through prayer and other naturopath remedies. Great discipline and dedication is required to make such a change work but nothing is impossible dear ones and ALL is achievable as long as you maintain hope and faith – BELIEVE in yourself and what you are aiming to reach as an outcome.

Going within is infinitely important dear ones. It is where you learn what it is you truly want from your life. It is also where you go to discover the various parts of yourself you wish to correct and improve upon. This is where your REBIRTH begins. It is here where you can feel the endless moment, where you can see through visualization where you are going by taking one breath, one step at a time. Every you take, even the to breathe all has precedence. Choosing what is right can be very demanding and often perplexing. Knowing your can easily affect others in your life even indirectly should be prompting you to AWAYS make the best possible that you can; weigh the odds, the pros the cons and once chosen accept and appreciate you have chosen the best at that moment.

When it comes to everything you do through the day including all the choosing, you are everything thrown in. Think of your journey as a play; you are the lead actor/actress, you are the , the , the and the best yet is that you are the CREATOR. When you direct, you guide yourself with certainty and change what is necessary and what will work with you in mind, body and spirit. When you are in the role, only criticize what should be questioned and give yourself plenty of praise. Dear ones you are very much your own audience on this journey. Find quiet and stillness and watch your story unfold before your eyes at every phase of your journey. Don’t miss a thing by being overtly distracted. Remember you tend to be your worst , so turn down the inner-nagging and love yourself and the efforts you put forth each and every day. As the actor role, project yourself with ease and with grace and dignity because you have a very important audience; they are your friends, family, social groups and most of all you. Each representation of you is an actor taking a responsible role of your character that is constantly changing and developing. It is required of you to come to understand each part you represent with full certainty and appreciation. Your journey is not frivolous play; it is serious with many challenges to overcome and joys to be felt. Every ingredient that you add increases flavour to what is already beautiful, and aids to the perfection of divine expression of yourself.

I encourage you dear ones to laugh at all the fun parts, cry when you feel you need to release and cleanse your emotions. Learn from the sad moments and rejoice in the increased knowledge and growth you achieve from every part. Discover many delights in the changes you have brought out from your hard work and dedication to yourself and to those you love. There is a specific blueprint designed just for you already made. Through your discretions you have at many intervals changed what was formally written. Your choices have brought forth your many transformations; your choices have increased your self-awareness and raised your level of consciousness. Your choices have helped you put an end to toxic behaviour patterns that have been plaguing you longer than the lifetime you are currently living. See with your eyes open and with your eyes closed to feel the interchange of , experience and expression. Embrace yourself with your own light then take that love and share it whole heartedly with the world.

Come to the conclusion dear ones living with belief in yourself is a priority. To love and care for others begins with loving and caring for yourself. You are worth the effort and deserve the stabilizing effect of your own love. In this beautiful journey you express ALL the necessary components that is required for success. Do not merely act, but be all you can be. You cannot be the other person who you sometimes look at in comparison. You are YOU. Each of you is unique and each of you will accomplish individually what fills your heart and soul with warm love and excitement. You will accomplish ALL from your own efforts, but also by sharing your methods that you used YOUR way.

Our time together dear ones has reached its end, I will return dear ones and until that time arrives feel the warmth of my love envelope you and sustain you during phases of your journey where you find need of my guidance, support and love.

I AM Ascended Master Rakoczy through Julie Miller