April 30, 2012

My beloved people of the . To most of you we are not yet known. The fact that our beloved is hollow and inhabited is still officially concealed. We are survivors of and Atlantis. After their fall we have built a new highly advanced in . We are related to you, as well as many of you are descendants of the inhabitants of Lemuria and Atlantis. We have observed your over the millennias, together with our families from the stars.

In recent times we have worked together with surface dwellers to bring the many changes that shall lead to rise your society on the road. Mostly we are on the surface to provide direct support, advice and help. Your destiny is closely linked to ours. If Earth will be destroyed, our both homeland will be destroyed . Gaia was very close to her destruction, but the danger is over, because now many of you are awake and actively work to help Gaia. This is a joint action of you the surface dwellers , us residents of Inner Earth and our brothers and sisters of the Galaxies.

We will soon come in larger quantities onto the surface to help actively and openly in establishing a new company and the cleaning of Gaia. We look forward to meeting with you together, to get to know you and learn about your experiences in duality. You have already come a long way, on your way to a more sophisticated society and the rise in the 5th Dimension. The last part we will accompany you.

I deliver the love and the greetings of the people of Inner Earth. I am of