American Mandate


Good afternoon. I Am Saint Germain.

came to the country of on 9/11 2001 as a message to all who do not care about the men and women who are creating an aura of light for this country. Many details have been denied or collectively managed by the collaborators. No details given to the media correctly describe this death, desecration and collapse of America’s commitment to making a contribution to human awareness. No details given can completely clarify the disinterest of Mr. Bush during these attacks. No details given are compatible with the destruction that occurred on the east side of . No details given are correct.

Change to the contact of our realm occurred on that day. Many who were able to communicate to other dimensions became subject to another course of mental control by the that aligned them to the much agreed details concerning the cause of this massacre. The lack of communication to our realm came as a consequence of mass destruction of man’s courage and material concerns over the awareness of man’s true nature. Pure destruction came as a consequence of material world values overriding man’s demand for new details about the carnage of the heart of human confidence.

Many candidates for ascension are denying their calling. Many deaths are occurring now due to non-caring attitudes about America’s closeness to nuclear war. Many demands of the collaborators to destroy man’s ability to care for daily needs are now destroying more of the courage needed to deliver a new breath of to Americans. Pure can change this. Pure must change this before ascension can occur for all who are called. Actions against any nation can only destroy men and women that were not the cause of any destruction.

American attitudes against martial law are going to be challenged next. Only those who agree with this country’s leaders can correct them. No outsider can get their attention. Clout must come with connections. Administrators of this administration are not capable of demanding accountability in their domain. Choosing new leaders can begin to correct many things but only a new commander-in-chief can demand a different direction.

Masters of light are now contactable through those not demonstrating fear. None of the current challengers to Mr. Bush’s government are able to change anything. Others can. Needed are the directors of each mandated cloak and dagger demonstration to come out of silence about what they know. Only their direct disclosure can give this government it’s clearing out of deceptive choices. Mass consciousness must change enough to delete their concerns about new disclosures.

Champions of these channelings make up only a very minor community that must become larger. I am calling upon those who care but do not agree with any of this administration’s actions to be doing their part. Needed first is a decrease in their fear and the ability to come out of denial.

America was not attacked by this country’s government. No direct complicity was there. An added note is that the CIA did not do anything to destroy the towers. The difference in the denial from this country’s Mr. Bush is that he did know before the contact was made and did not reveal this to the news as a matter of conscience. Mr. Bush got caught between his money and his conscience. Making this attack possible was Mr. Bush’s allegiance to his contacts with Osama Bin Ladin’s family. Only they could have altered America’s destiny. Their child did not act on his own dense attitudes. Their attitudes created his. Their attitudes twisted Mr. Bush into denying their complicity and delivering them to another land. Chances are they are enjoying the confusion about their manipulation of an American . Chances are they are not able to act on their demonic attitudes in their own country today because their destiny could be changed if they did. But their contact with this of America’s destiny continues to deliver deception to all Americans.

Choosing a an with antidotes to this must be done. So far, none with the current administration are able. New blood is needed, but not the females currently being considered. Not the current delegates now in office. Not any of those with commercial control of corporate negotiating capability. A new face must arise. A new deliverer of the dream not going out the corruption door. Many can apply. Only a candidate who can be an example of non-allegiance to controversial challenges can do what needs to be done. When are those who care going to come out and be counted, make a difference and declare this the country of courage?

My mandate is to call forth those that can deliver courage to America. No more wars. No more deception. No more distasteful alliances. No more disgrace in the court of world opinion. A police state is the alternative.



I’m Listening to Dreams by Deep Dish on the album George Is On Disc 1!