Mission 1017


In the great of creation you are a Wayshower. In this position you are contracted by higher intelligences to manifest constituency. Wayshowers are to integrate one million followers into the space of the fifth dimensional upon the Solar Alignment of .
The Arcturian Alignment is the first major move of the Wayshowers in the game to create the new world of the Fifth Sun. At this point of time and space Ultraviolet is the most powerful of the Galaxy. The highest intelligences of this Universe through our twin universe record that an Ultraviolet beam of will enter this planet through the Arcturian Doorway. At this Libra 24 point in alignment with Arcturus this stream will invoke a massive increase in fifth dimensional light transmission. The planet will experience and pass through a highly charged membrane of photons which will expand, intensify and increase all thoughts, feelings and actions.

Wayshowers are asked to seek to be in exact alignment and flowing with this stream in unity, harmony, balance and grounding is required to activate this increase in charge and to activate the collective hologram. The ultraviolet fluorescent blue magenta beam radiating from the galactic heart chakra of our twin universe clears the control patterns of old polarized beliefs. The high frequency energetic vibration streams out in spectral rays from the central universe’s heart chakra energetic new soul codes and programs as it enters the crystalline sacred geometries of the incarnated souls.

In linear third dimensional time at geocentric 24 Libra gateway, the activation point, the Arcturians launch the transformation in universal realities. On the Solar Alignment with Arcturus it is important for humanity to balance and clear its present world views, programs, points, morphogenetic fields and karmic agreements. Once this point passes the slow evolutionary controlled temporal spatial framework will be replaced with a new framework of intense rapid progression.

The Arcturian guidance during this empowerment brings the immediate transformation to the new group of paradigms and provides inflow of innovative evolutionary resources for economic, political, social, religious, scientific and interpersonal realities.

The galactic changes of this momentous manifestation of the Family of Light the speak to you with a greater awareness of the coming changes. These changes will hit a crescendo through the third dimensional temporal spatial alignment of one million souls to trigger a fifth dimensional unification that will bring forth the transformation for this constituency fullness of power and creativity. This is the beginning of the flow for the next seven solar cycles.

On the Arcturian Alignment the effect will be to amplify by one million times every thought and emotion of the Wayshowers. Every thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times in strength.

We are moving into the Light of the Fifth Sun. The magnification of our collective will be accelerated a million times faster into manifestation. This beam of high ultraviolet light will create a new reality for the planet. The is unaware of this powerful beam which when it arrives will increase energies to such a high vibration so if there is misdirection the reality will shatter and disintegrate quickly into chaos.

In awareness of this beam of Ultraviolet light which is being invoked by the Arcturians humanity needs to steward the energy through the power of one million Wayshowers who have focus and the ability to keep focus as this energy is included into the third dimension. Clearing blocks and linking with the one million is the crucial play of the game and upon the Arcturian Alignment the beam of violet will integrate the acceleration.
Reality is a viewpoint and is dependent upon the perceiver. As a Wayshower you are one who is multi-dimensional and can see and be part of many realities. The outer or objective empirical reality of the physical body’s senses is only a small part of your world. In your new reality of this Great Game of the Gold Ring a Wayshower is one of a spiritual universe which means that which is non-physical and exists in the invisible. In this vast realm you are the who lives within the full light spectrum.
Your realm as a Wayshower is the Realm of light, the Fifth Dimension. From the Infrared to the Ultraviolet you are connected to the universe and all the stars, the Teachers of Light. Your eyes open up to the vast expanse through deeper connections within your nervous system which are the flowering of your higher chakras.

The two main realities a Wayshower understands is the Individual and the Collective. The individual is yours alone and no other has the same set of core beliefs which create your world view and perceptions. In the collective reality we are one and in this shared belief system our connection is the world we live within and our society. In the collective reality we are moving to expanded awareness where the Wayshowers are connecting to the ultimate reality wherein the pure essence of self, the soul is allowing the connection to higher intelligences of the over soul and the spirit of universal cosmic consciousness. This engages the higher mind to empower the rational ego into direct manifestation of will towards physical creation.

In moving through the dimensions and the densities Wayshowers are able to see the levels of creation and the layers upon layers. Densities are vibratory levels of light as it manifests. Dimensions are worlds within worlds. Wayshowers must know where they are in the game to know how to stay in alignment with the impulses of being channeled into this system.

The Teachers of Light are invoking the ceremony of ascension which is bringing forth a new paradigm for the planet. The great move of the game in the Third Dimension is occurring on a cosmic time line. The cycles of transformation align through a macrocosmic microcosmic interaction. These cycles happen through universal agreement of the Teachers of Light and the Grand Universe.

The timeline of the transformation is based upon the Grand Cycle of 225 million years which is called Grand Precession. Day and Night result from the planetary spin on the axis. The Year results from the orbital motion around the Sun. The precession of the equinoxes is called the Grand Cycle of approximately 25,920 years and then the movement of the movement of this region of space around the central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy which occurs every 225 Million years and then around the Great Central Sun of the Universe which occurs every 20 Billion years. These are all spirals in their movement.

In this spiral progression into future timelines there are points at which the lower densities or dimensions of existence can be compressed by beings of higher intelligences able to operate at much higher vibratory rates. They can channel in messages that allow for collective changes in linear time.

All time intersects in the eternal now and from this Now there are what can be termed horizontal and vertical times. The eternal now can be thought of as a vertical plane that intersects countless past, present and future probability lines of horizontal time. A soul is in full awareness of this eternal now this soul becomes free from singular identity in time and space. They become multidimensional and can move up and down through the horizontal timelines, experiencing past, present and future probabilities at will.

In the vast expanse of time and space this universe has been limited by the universal controls. We are at the completion of a grand cycle, a 20 billion year trek thro
ugh space, a progression, the transition or ascension is occurring so that we are becoming one again in the ocean of spirit. The influx of light that is providing for the evolution is the reenergizing of the network which installs and reconfigures all the programs to a higher level of activation.

The Arcturian Alignment will gather this energy together and bring it into form. The game is ending with the completion of the circle, the Gold Ring. We are playing the final moves and there is the necessity to achieve the completion of the great gathering of the collective. The Wayshowers are the ones who are to play and build upon the eons of time and finish the game.



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