Below is some channeled and meaning behind the Mission 1017 .  I asked my dear friend if he could take a and tune in to any on this event from any of the many guides he works with.  This is what they have shared.  If you would like to investigate Jordan’s credentials I linked his website following the channeling.  And just to shamelessly plug him, if you are in the greater area he is one of the best energetic healers I have ever work with!  He has definitely aided me in my ongoing awakening, and helped clear the way for me to begin to awaken fully to the galactic being I am.


About an October 17th , I have been so busy, I have not even attuned to this yet.  What the guides are saying about such an event, and any , is that these are “intended” by source and facilitating emissaries to be an enhancement of what we actually are, already; they (councils of light) ask “Children of Mother-Father God, what is the existing, in the
moment, matrix of your own/my own/our own  manifestation?  How do you manifest now?  Intense meditation is already happening on the inner planes all the time now, and more is to come.  As we enter many more cycles of activation, the question is focused increasingly so on how we simply exist in the eternal NOW of creation.  For all separated beings this means healing on many levels.  May we bless our paths with our own true selves.  Namaste.  Meditation on true self  during activation events is important to bridge the energies into consciousness and this world with great intention and love.  All days are refinement of energy as form of love.  Acknowledge this sacred transmutation within yourselves and know it is holy.

Thank you dear beings of love and light. 

Sai Ram


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