This past week was spent in our office – doing heavy and more modernized R and D (research and development). I’m amazed to see that as time keeps slipping into the future, more and more classified information is being sent out. But the big secrets remain hidden. I think the “powers that be” know how to manipulate the collective conscious far better than the normal person realizes.

If one can control when something goes out, they can be just as effective in hiding the truth. For example, if there is secret that would be pertinent right now (let’s say the suppression of new energy developments, which is left classified, but then three or four decades later is declassified) then of course, the future generation would be disconnected from the impact and understanding of that time.

Luckily, here at NEL we understand this and aim to create a film that will cover past, present, and future because truth – like all things good, is eternal. If left alone, long enough, it will find itself free to come out of the bag.

All in all, it’s been a tough week for a number of reasons – long hours, alot to read, and even more to watch. We decided to make a little video called “Dead Man’s Trigger” in order to show supporters the type of quality that you can expect from this film. Please take a moment to watch and share.

– Amardeep Kaleka