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Translating a kaleidoscopic fractal like space of inseparable unified existence which while no where no how is and knows a space many more times complex than available from my current point within on my way through an existence back within the non-physical 3D transiting via the 4D to the fifth dimension. Once I was a line, then that line discovered that from it’s very existence as that an energy (love) and light (the information) was interwoven and it’s line (1D) was pushing one wave and one wave in this building space being created by it’s birth this building of waves from the source which it came transited 2D then 3D was created, there had been enough space built up to contain life in a physical vessel. (The part even the learned of the batch forgot, 10 universes of stars, galaxies and consciousness all are pushing the energy and information required together in unity in order for the physical universe we can see, touch and feel to exist. This is a spectacular but in the big picture rare aspect of us to experience and being given the gift of such unified resources just to have it.) Now we are transiting through the 4D (Time) to get to the 5D the 6D transits to the 7th and so on. Each dimension is infinity different than the one before or after. The biggest remembrance is items used to communicate experience in one dimension is difficult because the colors, shapes, amount and density or truths do not all-ways overlay and are there for hard to understand when you don’t even have the right words to translate what there is like. But we are one. Just like our brain, heart and glands manage our body just think of each step in the journey being like a dimension. Because really it is.
Please watch my visual translation here, and allow the dimensions to be explained in a different way. Allow, breath, allow, observe, explore, and create ::..

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