The Apophysis animated sequence used for the ‘SYMBOLOGY’ series of kaleidoscopic animated visuals.

Software Used:
Apophysis 7X.14 —
Apophymator 10x —
flam3 –
VirtualDub APNG MOD 1.9.11 —
VirtualDub Filter Pack 2011 –
DivX 6.9.2 Codec —

Software Settings and Files Used:
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Apophysis 7x.14 using Apophymator 10x Script
SYMBOLOGY_Keys.flame – (11.1 kb)
SYMBOLOGY_Set.flame – (6.69 mb)

VirtualDub APNG MOD 1.9.11 Processing Settings
SYMBOLOGY.vcf – (3.2 kb)
Filters: MSUColorEnhancement 1.0b: Correct Color: 5, Auto-Levels Checked
Filters: shadow smoother: Threshold (light) 0, Strength (radius) 2, Difference (temporal) 4, Post Smoothing
Filters: Auto Levels v1.2: Auto RGB Base
Filters: logo(internal): .SETH-DENNON-OVERLAY-TRANSPARENT.png, per-pixel alpha blending using alpha Checked, Opacity 100&, Justification TL, X offset 0, y offset 0
Frame Rate: 12
Compression: DivX 6.9.2 Codec: 1080p Profile, Quality 10, Rate mode: 1- quality-, Target Quantizer: 1

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