Archangel Indriel. ~ Your Faithful Service To The Light. ~ By, Bella Capozzi.

Greetings Beloveds, it is I, Indriel. I arrive on this day in my role as keeper and tender of you, the Lighbearers. In your Earthly guise you wear many hats-teacher, parent, doctor, homemaker, artist… The list goes on and on, and is far too long for me to personally credit each and every one of the professions and personas you maintain in your faithful service to the Light. Yet, commend you I sincerely do. All of Heaven heartily sings your praises, as the work you have done thus far is quite amazing. Do you not sometimes feel the occasional need for a pat on the back, Dear Friends? Well, I am here to give it to you. Oftentimes this feels to be a thankless job, and an endless, arduous one. Much of the time you feel as though you are a salmon swimming upstream, am I right? But take heart that while it is an uphill climb, an upward spiral, you are most unlike that salmon in the most obvious of ways. When you reach your destination, you shall not die. Instead, you shall find yourselves reborn.

~ Keep your eyes on the prize, as you say, and be intent to never let your focus waver. In everything you do and everything you say, be advised to do it only in a state of Holy Grace and with the noblest and kindest of motivations. Even when faced with what appear to you to be thoroughly insurmountable odds, let each of your decisions, words and courses of action originate from the center of your heart. Be cautious in these times, of the clever machinations the lower ego-mind may present, for it is fighting hard for it’s very survival and in so doing seeks nothing else other than to divert you from your higher path. Much of the advice and direction it dispenses might seem quite logical to you, quite well-intended. But I tell you to ask your heart if this advice is coming from a place of service to self only, or shall it also serve to benefit The Whole? Seek counsel from the legions of supporters around you. Although for the most part they are unseen, you are by far not alone. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

~ The Veil of Forgetfulness and the stranglehold of the 3rd dimensional world are dropping away from you now, more falling off with every passing millisecond of your time. Soon “time” shall be but a thing written up in the history books, to be looked upon by civilizations to come as a quaint and archaic concept. It shall be taught that linear time served a very real and necessary function in the Great Earth Experiment, but you shall all look upon it in a state of bewonderment as to how you could ever have believed any of it’s illusion to be real at all. We shall laugh and cry about it all, together as one family. We shall know that each of us, both above and below, played our part in the game to perfection. And it is in this perfection that The Creator was able to experience it all. The Creator — ever empathetic, ever thoughtful and adoring -thanks you for your gifts. Be still for a moment and allow, allow, allow. Allow the exquisite vibrations of grace and the abundance to wash over you, and feel yourselves cleansed and showered in the Holy Light.