By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Dear Ones!
We would like to discuss some details about the criteria for ascension and what will happen with your close relationships.

Take into account that humanity has many helpers, and each human being is surrounded by many beings of light, especially at the time of transition!

It depends on the soul development of the individual, to which degree they might suddenly become aware of their guides and angels at the time when the Huge Energy Portal is opening. And this opening can have for many an immediate effect on their awareness and their increased capability to become conscious about their own higher self.

So there are some surprises expected! You cannot tell who will shed unexpectedly their disguise, when at the time of the Galactic alignment their 3D karmas are dropped.

In any case you do not need to be concerned about your loved ones, because they are taken care of, according to their agreements and learning process. Each one will definitely turn to the path they have chosen, when the great moment of transformation arrives!

Many of you who are lightworkers and starseeds, are already now working from the higher astral planes with your loved ones who need help to grow spiritually. This is possible, as you have together soul contracts, and your work with these souls occurs often also at night in your sleep. And not all of you are aware of this nightly service.

When you ascend, the connection with your loved ones, for whom you already are caring now, will not end, but you will from the higher dimensions connect with their third eye and their heart and give them guidance this way. This will even be more effective than when you would remain in the 3rd dimension.