Trust your body, it knows exactly what is good and appropriate for it — SaLuSa through Isabel Henn October 18, 2012

First, a quick update. After the last portal and the energies that came through, you’re in a short rest. The enormous energies need to be further processed by your body before the next burst of energy approaching, only a few more days until 21-10-12, another day for a portal opening. Therefore enjoy the short break and please rest enough.

The end of the year is now approaching fast, just over two months until the day of Ascension. I am aware that many of you still doubt this great event: it is irreversible. Ascension will take place, the delays in other areas can not prevent this. We work day and night with our allies in order to achieve at least still some of what you have been announced so many times. Also we have our timelines, we must follow. Disclosure is imminent, as is the redistribution of money and the introduction of a new single currency. Immediately following disclosure the first of our ships will land on specified places. These places are where people are open to us and are not afraid to meet us. Other landings will then follow.

But this is just a sideshow to make life easier and to make the transition to the new society easier and smoother. Your Ascension alone is the great goal that must be achieved. More and more people are awakening now due to the huge bursts of energy. Their light will help others to wake up, it’s a domino effect that can not be stopped. I know of your Domino Days, they have certain similarities with the wonderful process that is currently taking place on your Earth.