Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel ~~ The Mastery of the violet ray stands ready, make yourself prepared now ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 30/10/2012

Greetings, precious ones, we are Archangel Zadkiël and Saint Germain of the Violet Ray. We are at your service today to transmit a message in the here and now.

Allow me, Saint Germain, to begin firstly with this message of Love for all of you. Once again, I greet you most cordially because I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Being the Master of the Violet Ray I want to elaborate further as to our magnificent and powerful colour of being. It is the perfection of purity and power which we represent in our true being. The Ray of the Violet colour is one of the most powerful forces which is at your disposal here on Earth and into Infinity! We replenish where necessary and convert the most dire dangers and impurities into the most natural and wonderful perfections.

Our Violet Ray is at your disposal so use it as you see fit and as much as you want for it is yours too! We stand here now as Masters and rulers of this Ray to transmit this beautiful Violet Ray throughout the whole world on which you dwell, because the perfection of being is what’s now in store for you. This Violet Ray is capable of providing to you the most overwhelming ideas and than to transmit them into the genuine reality, the peaceful society which is reflecting its astonishing purity before your sparkling eyes of Light.

My almighty Violet Flame is our trump and our powerful cooperation coming from of all of us through this Violet Ray of perfection. This Ray shows the power and the pure perfection, the purity of all of us by way of this Ray through a close cooperation and through our pure state of being. In these times it is a good thing to let that Violet Flame flare up in you, even to the point of being ablazed in those flames. This Violet Flame has a consciousness of its own and just visualising being immersed in these flames will do the trick. This in itself will see to it that you will be cleansed perfectly of all things that no longer serve you, of all the things you no longer represent. Let yourself be transformed into a deeper state of being which resonates with the highest frequencies and energies pertainting now to your new world, your normal home front.