Channelled by John Smallman — October 10, 2012

We are all rooting for you here in the spiritual realms — which truly are not a series of mythical realms set apart from yours in some alternate universe or energy field — as we watch you heading firmly and vigorously towards the moment of your awakening.

As you have often been told, there is only Reality, in which all of creation (which includes humanity) has its eternal existence. You have just temporarily closed your eyes to this truth and therefore to your awareness of it. But eternal sleep is not part of the divine plan for anyone, so you will awaken into the joy that is your birthright. And the moment for that awakening is almost upon you.

Holding on to doubts and anxieties slows you down, so release them; you have no need of them. In the illusion they are constantly disturbing and unsettling you, because there your experience has been of suffering and betrayal — by you and of you.

But what awaits your awakening is utter joy, as divinely promised by your loving Father, and because it is His Will for you, and because He has promised you that He will deliver on His promise, no other outcome is remotely possible.

You are heading directly for Home, after eons spent wandering through the illusion in a state of aimless confusion. You thought you were seeking God and Heaven, but mostly you were occupied with your own individual beliefs and prejudices which encouraged you to judge, condemn, and punish others angrily for beliefs or behaviors that did not align with your own. But God is found in the peace and quietness within, when you set aside time to relax alone, undisturbed by the noisy external world which is driven by ambition to inordinate levels of egoic thinking and planning; and for eons only a very few of you sought that inner path.