Karen Doonan: Arcturians Message for 21st Nov 2012

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Arcturians and we come in support of ALL at this time. Much is changing and shifting and the human vehicle is now responding to the higher energies. It is the response of the human vehicle that we guide further upon for you have been taught that the only way to achieve your ascension is through your spiritual awakening and this in itself is distortion. The human vehicle is your “housing” for this your human life experience and as such is a vital piece of the puzzle. For those who are concentrating solely on the spiritual aspect the human vehicle may now be responding to the heightened energies in a variety of ways.

The human vehicle has been upgraded many times in human “history” but never to the extent that is possible during this your transition period. For the human vehicle is changing from cellular level outwards and as these changes begin to take place and you begin to anchor these changes then how you perceive the world and how you intake nutrition into the human vehicle will also change. It is these changes that many are suffering with and we are here to help clear the veils of the teachings of distortion.

YOU incarnated into your human vehicle and at incarnation you chose the vehicle that you would inhabit in this your human life experience. This was originally based on a karmic contract as incarnation onto planet earth is karmic based. This has resulted in many of you incarnating into human vehicles that are coded genetically with many various patterns. As you now reach the point of negating karma then the coding is now being “reset”, this is done BY YOU for YOU and will naturally occur as you shift and move within the heightened energies that are now flooding across and within planet earth. We draw your attention to this as many are unaware of what is happening within their human vehicles and are being drawn back down in vibration by the teachings that exist on planet earth around health and well being.

To go from a programme of coding that predisposed you to teachings to dissolving these very teachings is a process of elimination of deeply stored emotion. For all emotions were taught to be stored within the very cells of the human vehicle. This is now being negated and many are falling into confusion and distortion. It is to be noted that lower vibrational energies can no longer exist within the higher energy signature of mother earth. They will start to break down, how fast and in which way they break down is up to each individual human BEing, for each one of you is here on this planet having a unique and individual life experience.

We encourage all to open the heart and to allow the emotions to flow. We guide strongly against following the advice of other humans for they are not YOU and we guide for you to look at this teaching. YOU have been taught to give your power to another who inhabits a completely different human vehicle. Akin to owning a car which is one make and taking advice on the maintenance of this car from another who owns a different make. Do you see our analogy? Do you understand our words?

Now as you begin to dissolve the genetic programming from cellular level outwards you are connecting with other selfs in other dimensions and timelines and resetting the contracts that were created in these realities. As you walk the dream time landscape you may feel it more “real” and less of dream for in TRUTH it is real. Your conscious waking mind is not there to stop and contain you within this landscape.

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