The Ascended Masters: There is Absolutely Nothing Holding you Back
Posted by Wes Annac
-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The effects you are making upon yourselves and upon your beautiful world at present are absolutely unparalleled in the scope of positive change that they are to bring forth. Can you dear souls feel what your actions have been garnering for yourselves thus far?

Your actions and all that you have employed within yourselves have been for the ultimate purposes of helping you to see through all that is not in resonation [with the higher realms] and all that you have still been bringing through yourselves, and we say this because upon reaching a certain state in your growth, you become quite conscious of the actions that you are bringing through yourselves and of the mindsets that have employed such actions.

You are becoming Masters in your own respects and we applaud you dear souls, as you are going through a difficult and dense experience that the vast majority of ascended souls simply could not go through. You were all tested exponentially before making your ways to Earth and this included spending time on fourth and fifth dimensional planets for those of you who come from realms much more pure and potent than the realms of the fourth and fifth dimension.

You have all spent much time upon a vast plethora of worlds but you are finding that the Earth experience has by far been the most difficult one for you to undergo. This is because you dear souls are naturally used to experiencing a heavenly reality that simply cannot be brought down, and upon making your ways to the Earth you found yourselves weighed-down and perceiving within a limited veil and structure that saw your perceptions of the higher realms inhibited.

You have entered the Earth under a veil of forgetfulness that was not the design of any entity with negative will, but was in fact the design of you dear souls who wished to come to the Earth under such a veil so that you could perform the work you had set out for yourselves to achieve; breaking through and dissolving such a concrete veil to find your fluid and easily-changeable reality on the other side.