A Chat with the Hathors: Astral Landscapes and Unfolding Perceptions
Posted by Wes Annac

Wes: Dearest Hathors, I would like to perceive of the realities you reside within. I will go into a light meditative state and attempt to receive the impressions sent from you.

I perceive of a colorful type of jungle, and the image reverberates and shifts between the jungle and a pure reality that seems only to be comprised of color and sound. I am getting an image of both places, seeming to overlap each other.

The Hathors: What you are experiencing and feeling are our pure realms of full consciousness that we exist within upon your Earth, as well as a more toned-down version of such realities that will match your physical perception and understanding of these realms. You would best recognize these realms in your current state, dear Wesley, as realms that would match a landscape that you are used to.

You experience a heavenly type of reality as one where there is nature surrounded and colors abound and as such, we allowed you to perceive of what can be referred to as a denser version of our reality and where we are currently existing within the higher astral planes of your Earth but again, you are seeing a simple representation along with the pure realms that you are still having your own degree of trouble experiencing [purely] but that you are perceiving of quite finely.

Wes: I see. I’ve lightly perceived of this type of reality for some time, especially when thinking about you guys. Have I been routinely taken in my third eye to your realms, and are they what I’ve perceived of more and more lately?

Hathors: You have perceived of our realms and a vast plethora of other Lighted and colored realms of full consciousness that you are to experience upon your growing back into these wonderful and pure states of consciousness that you have allowed yourself to temporarily exit whilst you underwent your lower dimensional Earth experience.

You perceive of us and our realms through your own conceptual lenses and barriers but you are making wonderful effects upon your surface experience even with your ideas to further explore these realms in any way that you can. Each and every dear soul who is absorbing this communication is wholeheartedly invited to exist within our realms and to open yourselves up to perceiving them.

Oh, dear Wesley, there are many types of ascended Earthly realms that you have experienced and while your linear experience of time is beginning to merge, we say that you have been perceiving of and ‘zooming ahead’ so to speak to various ‘times’ throughout your remaining Earthly timeline wherein the change on your world [is picked up].

Wes: I see that you are referring to the ‘visions’ I’ve been having of many people repairing the condition our world has been in. I’ve been seeing get-togethers between all mankind [and animal-kind] that are just so heavenly and harmonious, and I’ve felt glimpses of the happiness we’re all going to experience as we rebuild this world.