The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Reaching Personal Strides, Affecting the Collective and Unleashing the Light Energies Channeled through Wes Annac

Energetic upgrades and strides continue to be reached by the collective of Earth, and we are here before you all to give yet another happy energy update. We have only good news to display to you dear souls but as always, you have been going through the [most difficult] of the cleansing that has needed to take place within yourselves and within your outer world.

The benefits that you are to experience as natural results of the clearing and cleansing you have been performing as a collective and as individuals will be simply unparalleled.

The scope of pure, positive change that you are Creating in each and every moment can be very exponential if you dear souls would only allow it to be, as only you can make the decisions and enact the personal changes in your Lives that you know will benefit yourselves and the entirety of the Earth collective as well.

You are now reaching strides wherein you can feel the energetic, emotional and physical effects of the interactions you make with others and of each and every thought, feeling or emotion you bring through yourselves and we are happy to report that you are still being continually showered with pure energies that are indeed increasing in scope and purity with each active absorbing of such energies you perform within yourselves.

There are so many aspects of your inner -Self that are working overtime to see you dear souls as uninhibited as possible in reaching pure states of consciousness by going through various lessons that serve to expose and transmute the former pasts of yourselves that would hold you back forever if allowed, and as you dear souls make the conscious decisions to enact the best known changes within yourselves that will see you better -resonating with and matching the continually-pure realities you are beginning to find and perceive within yourselves, you will completely and totally free yourselves from any possible restraints that would hold you back.

You have given yourselves various things that were placed in front of you during your Earth experience and you have temporarily allowed your experience to cloud your vision but we ask you, are the realms of consciousness you are finding not so very pure? Are you not finding realms beyond your wildest dreams and beyond the scope of what you have imagined is possible?

We ask each and every one of you dear souls to look upon your Lives and the very real yet noticeable metaphysical experiences that many of you have begun to have for indeed, if one’s vibrations are aimed in a certain direction, the higher dimensional and spiritual validations will be endless. We laugh and revel with joy when many of you continually notice signs of your unfolding higher dimensional experience and then get the feeling that you are somehow ‘crazy’ for noticing an entirely new reality and for consciously receiving continual validations of such a reality as you are discovering and Creating it.

We laugh and revel with joy at such an expression or heart set because many of you, when beginning to awaken and understand more fully and purely the concepts of the higher realms, can still take to temporarily allowing yourselves to forget about a few key and fundamental aspects of your reality; one of which being that you Create it with each thought, intention and manifestation you bring through yourselves.

Everything that you are doing, finding and discovering within yourselves is serving to Create your realities, and the planes of full consciousness that you are gravitating toward are literally being pulled-in to your auric field by your vibration, because you are aiming it toward the higher realms and as such, you are naturally attracting such realms to yourselves.

If you attract realities of limitation to yourselves, than you will bring the inherent vibrations that drive such realities unto yourselves and you will Create based upon those vibrations, as they will be the prominent vibrations within your sphere of experience.

What you feel and bring through yourselves will determine the realities you Create because of those inherent vibrations, and many of you are beginning to feel the very real energy transfers that take place whenever you shift yourselves to a state of imbalance. The realities of Source are simply awaiting their time to make their full arrival on your world and we continue to encourage you dear souls wholeheartedly to make your efforts to feel these vibrations; to radiate them out and bring them through yourselves for by doing so, you are and will be Creating a very pure reality.