Karen Doonan: High Council of Orion Message for 14 Nov 2012
Greetings dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support as the energies now once more begin to heighten. Those of you who are struggling are now doing so under the teachings of distortion that are now trying to take hold within your waking human life experience. These teachings will now reach a peak that will enable YOU to clearly see them; it is the clarity of vision gained from this process that is YOUr key for it is not possible to dissolve something that cannot be seen. Do you resonate with our words? Do you understand our guidance?

To keep repeating the same “patterns” of behaviour and to keep repeating the same ways of dealing with situations is to walk in containment and suppression, it is how those who sought to contain and suppress controlled the human race. By making the human race blind to the very actions that were keeping them suppressed. Others may now try to step into your human life experience in order to push you further, know this is done so that you may FREE SELF from these karmic patterns, for only in the moving into a new space and of observing the actions from another space can you identify the teachings and then work to dissolve them.

We guide strongly that support of the new energies is here for ALL, even if it seems that YOUr waking life experience is dissolving in front of your eyes there is support. For all that is NOT TRUTH is now dissolving. The new world asks that you create from the heart space and that all that is created is supportive and underpinned with LOVE, the situations and relationships that exist in YOUr current life experience that do not meet these requirements are dissolving. KNOW that you are creating this for to create from the heart space is to create from LOVE.

YOU have been taught on planet earth that LOVE is defined, that LOVE means certain things and that others must adhere to these “rules” in order to satisfy the definition of LOVE and this is NOT TRUTH for LOVE JUST IS. YOU have been taught that there is only “one” partner that is available to you on this planet and that you must strive to “keep hold” of this partner or somehow you have failed as a human BEing and this is NOT TRUTH. For ALL is vibration, as the vibration of planet earth now shifts and moves then the vibration that YOU ARE now shifts and moves and vibration will harmonise with vibration for that JUST IS. Do you resonate with our words?

We fully accept and acknowledge that for many across and within planet earth at this time that personal relationships are causing much emotion. This is done in order to cleanse and repair for whilst you live with and live through another steeped in these teachings of distortion then vibrationally you are out of harmony with SELF. For SELF is a vibration and that vibration now seeks to harmonise with a vibration that is also in harmony. The dissolving of human relationships will bring about a mass dissolving of these teachings of distortion that have sought to contain and suppress for aeons. For the teachings will try to teach you that you are responsible for all others, that you are not worthy and that you are not who you are and all of this is distortion. Do you understand our analogy and our words?

It may seem as if all that you have known has been washed away but the new energies call for TRUTH, dear ones YOU at SOUL level call for TRUTH and it is this that is now creating the changes in your waking human life experience. Many are now falling in vibration believing the teachings that seek to teach that somehow they have failed and we guide for you to look at this. How can you fail at something that you created to experience in order to learn and expand and grow? You are not here to pass or fail for both are created from the teachings of distortion, you are here on this planet in order to expand and grow at SOUL level. To be in containment and to believe that life is just what you see at this moment and cannot be changed is to walk in the veils of those who sought to control the human race.

Whilst you believe that you are not worthy to attract LOVE and joy into your waking human life experience then you walk in the veils of the old. For YOU ARE LOVE, YOU ARE JOY and we are here to support you as you now allow this TRUTH to be anchored and absorbed by SELF.

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