Karen Doonan: High Council of Orion Message for 18th Nov 2012

Greetings dear ones we come to guide and support as we have done so far during this harmonisation and ascension process. Many of you are now releasing emotion at levels you have never experienced before and we are here to help you address that which may be playing out within your human life experience. It may be that your eyes feel dulled to the sparkle of the new for the old energies are trying to use the smoke and mirrors of the teachings of distortion to have you believe that nothing has changed on planet earth, that nothing will change on planet earth and dear ones this is simply NOT TRUTH.

Once more we guide you strongly to FEEL the new earth, it is not to be found in your newspapers or in your media for they are still bound by the old energies and these energies will try to continue for as long as they can. But dear ones it is inevitable that a full release of the old will occur across and within the planet for the energy signature of the entire planet has now changed and shifted. This is a time of recalibration, both for your human vehicles and for the systems that are in operation throughout human society. For ALL is vibration and now these vibrations seek to harmonise.

Lower vibrations will not be able to harmonise with the heightened vibrations for they are beyond the vibrational range of the old world energies. What they will do is dissolve but as they dissolve they will try to play out the teachings for that is why they were created. For a human being to interact with the old energies will result in these old energies dissolving at a slower rate for the interaction feeds the old energies. Do you understand our analogy? do you understand our words?

This is the challenge if you will for each human BEing alive on planet earth at this time. For many have championed this process and many have called for the dissolving of the old energies for many earth years. This process is now fully underway and we guide for you to be mindful. That is all, mindful. For where you find yourself interacting with drama we guide for you to take a step back from that drama and become the observer. The drama is needed for fuel for the old energies. Much like a car that is running out of fuel, to coast part of the journey would save fuel and enable the car to run that much further than it could if you did not coast. Do you see our analogy? do you understand how you can inadvertently feed a process that you wish to swiftly move through?

None of this is particularly easy and we fully acknowledge and accept this, we ask you to process our words through your heart for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. This is expansion and growth at SOUL level, your very SOUL is now asking for this growth and we guide that all is perfect. It may seem as if your world is dissolving around you but dear ones this world that was created FOR YOU no longer serves YOU. It never served for it was not created BY you it was created FOR YOU. This creation was always to keep you contained and suppressed and now as you move beyond this creation you are understanding the need to FEEL.

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