And of course you cannot agree on what is right!
November 23, 2012 by John Smallman

To awaken is the right and the destiny of every sentient being, and it is God’s Will that all awaken. The illusion has brought much pain and suffering into your hearts over the many lifetimes you have chosen to undergo experiences within it. You do not need to continue engaging with it, because it is an invention of your collective minds, and it is they that provide its maintenance and support. The opportunity is constantly being presented through which you can abandon it and move forwards into your fully conscious and awakened state.

Many are now helping to change the collective perception that maintains it unquestioningly. The time has come for your unawareness of its unreality to dissolve. The phrase “You create your own reality” has been bandied about for the last thirty or forty years, falling in and out of favor as fashions and the seasons change, but that is how you invented the illusion and how you continue to maintain it. You can see its effects in action as the political moods in a country change in response to events, and waves of despair, anger, or exhilaration sweep through a population. And your elected officials are always attempting to use the mood swings that occur to their own personal advantage.

However, many of you have become aware of the unfortunate effects and the irresponsibility of responding to mood swings with corresponding changes of intent. You have observed the enormous damage that results from such unbalanced and unpredictable behavior, and you are no longer willing to be swayed, influenced, and manipulated by egoic power seekers riding the waves of perceived public opinion. There is now a conscious intent on the part of the majority of those incarnate on Earth at this time to find and follow a constant path of spiritual evolution that will bring all into harmony and enable the peace for which you all long to be achieved. You have limitless amounts of assistance available to you from those in the presently unappreciated and unseen realms whose only wish is to help you to awaken, and you are finally taking full advantage of it.

Your Father loves you with an intensity that you just cannot conceive of while you are focusing on the sins, the wrongs, the betrayals, and the suffering that are endemic within the illusion, and which are constantly distracting you from opening to His Love for you. By focusing your attention there you become caught up in the fear and anger, and in your emotional reactions to the unfairness and unjustness that you see all around you. Focus on Love. Its divine field surrounds you in every moment of your existence, and you only remain unaware of it by your own choice to focus, instead, on the illusion and all the problems and issues that it invents and spreads, to ensnare you in its relentless and seemingly inescapable web of intrigue and lies.

As long as you choose to engage with it, so long will it continue to ensnare you. Vast quantities of “shoulds” fill your minds as you wonder how to put right the wrongs and terminate the suffering that your reason tells you can and should be eradicated. But they are all of the illusion, and putting your attention there does very little to alleviate them, while it does distract you from your task of holding the Light, showing the way, and being loving presences in every situation.

Your history is filled with stories of heroic figures who strove mightily to right wrongs and injustices, often dying for the causes for which they fought so courageously. And the implied message is that you should be willing to do likewise. But over the eons these heroes have in fact achieved very little because after they were gone the old order re-established itself, often with renewed vigor, and in the illusion only illusions — the unreal — can survive.

But the illusion encourages you to “fight for what is right.” And of course you cannot agree on what is right! Every single one of you embodied within the illusion has a different perception. You may belong to a religious organization, a political party, a corporate entity, or just your own family, but they all set rules and codes of behavior that you have to follow to remain in good standing with them, and, as a result, there are times when you have to disregard your conscience, your integrity, your true divine self if you wish to find acceptance within them.

To change — really change the system to one of peace, harmony, and dignity for all — you have to live it. That means letting go of judgment, and all the ancillary services and functions to which it inevitably leads. You have to live with love flowing through your hearts, offering compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and healing to all —