Melchizedek ~~ This is why you all incarnated here and your time is at hand! ~~ channeled by Méline Lafont

Greetings to all of you, beloved I AM Presences and hearts filled with Love and Light. I Am Master Melchizedek and it is my greatest pleasure to be here for all of you in this NOW moment on Earth.

When the end time of this paradox is duly reached and the start of the new world is introduced, you will all begin to feel the shifts more intensely. It is a time like never before in which everything is no longer what it seems, in which Love will emerge and in which the Light will take the upper hand in this process known as ” Ascension”! In these present times Ascension is knocking at your front door ; it is your real being, your genuine light presence that must now announce itself to each and everyone of you.

Accept it with open arms as it will enlighten and enrich you in the highest degree that can result in your Ascension on a distinct and personal level. Be happy and grateful; it is a huge gift of yourself, of your Divine Self and of your inner presence : YOU! Ultimately you are the ones who were able to bring it all this far, who allowed many shifts to occur from your own personal and your collective creations. The results of these shifts are now obvious and can be felt to a high degree.

It is a skill to know how to handle this while your physical bodies only work on a total transformation of yourself in order to let your true presence, your real being shine its true light… in order to bring your real self out and let it expand to take on its real shape which you create in your being. These are huge changes that are occuring, no doubt about that and you are all now in the midst of these changes working on the last finishing touches of this process. Your DNA undergoes a true metamorphosis thanks to which you will again be able to wield many more strands and useful parts of your true DNA and to assimilate them in your being. This opens many vistas for your being : it is your true and actual Being which receives its freedom to again express itself fully, to transform your being into your true shape, the one you have always been.

Many skills such as clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairknowing are now the norm for all of you; they have become a true guidance for you in the meantime and gratefully you make good use of them. Even this is the result of the DNA transformations for they bring your true self to the forefront. They bring forward additional abilities which you have never felt before, let alone that you knew you had them. At any rate, these gifts have always been a part of you but you simply forgot you had them due to the fact that they were veiled. However, now you will invariably recognize them again and they will get to be known by all of you.

Allow the process to unfold; you will not even recognize yourself any longer as you probably already don’t anymore but now this will even happen on a much deeper and more intense level. The month of November takes on all the purifications, all the transformations from the physical to the outer, material world, to which your reality and your physical vessel belong. That’s why in a way it seems and feels like you are handled quite severely on all levels. Know, my beloved ones, that this is absolutely normal as it belongs to the Divine Plan. Shifts are a necessary part to evolve and to grow. Likewise for your physical vessels : they must now on a fast pace be made ready for the real shift that’s going to occur.

This real shift involves the change-over of all matter into anti-matter, referring also to your physical vessels. That is not to say that you are going to experience the death process, far from it. It is rather a rebirth my beloved ones. Rebirth is the good choice of words in this regards as the physical vessels undergo a transformation in order for them to be inverted into a much lighter body, also known as a Lightbody. That is the ultimate purpose of these inevitable and numerous physical discomforts and changes you are currently undergoing. As I have stated before : let it all come to pass, it will all be beneficial for your Ascension process. Embrace it.