Montague’s Message for Sunday, 25th November 2012

The propaganda machine is no longer able to fool the people. Every day it is being exposed for what it is. Their game is up ! Now, they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. They have destroyed much of what was good in your world. You are gathering the right people around you now to enable you to complete your mission. It will be done. My last words to you, on the night that I passed to Spirit, were “When the timing is right”. It is, of course, our timing, not yours.

We guide you every step of the way. We bring the right people in, to give you the strength and the benefit of their knowledge and skills. Your team is growing. They are specially chosen to blend together as one when the time comes to move and bring to a conclusion what was planned nearly 2000 years ago. The enormity of your task is only now being realised by those around you. They must support and assist you through these difficult times. It will bring peace to humanity. Enough people are aware that they must desire peace in order for peace to become a reality.

Many beings of light from other planets are making themselves known to you and assuring you of their commitment to your planet. They have so much to share with you. They are watching over you and guiding many of you through these last dying hours of darkness. So much is happening that you are, as yet, unaware of, because the media is controlled by the dark forces. The plans of the Cabal are being blocked: they are floundering on the rocks, unable to regain control. This is when they are at their most dangerous, since they have nothing left to lose. You must not fear them, no matter what they come up with to induce fear. There are only a few things left that need to be put in place before the Cabal concedes defeat and leaves your planet forever. Truth always triumphs over EVIL.

Stick with what is NATURAL, both in food and in medication; become selective in all that you choose to put in your body. Respect your body: it houses your soul and should be seen as such. The Cabal uses every opportunity to find new ways to slow you down mentally and to create health problems, so you “need” medication that will destroy your health and speed up your demise. It is all part of the plan. Many illnesses are created in the laboratory and are released on the unsuspecting public. Those you have trusted, have lied to you and mislead you. The old ways were the best and safest.

One day, in the near future, all will become clear. You will realise just what you have lived through and the manipulation from birth to death. They control every moment of your lives, and it is shocking that this has gone on without most of you ever suspecting any of it. The manipulation of mankind was a masterpiece of planning. They got into positions of power in every field. It was a silent take-over. Even I was not aware of this when I was on Earth. I was always too busy with my own research into the paranormal, etc. I failed to see the bigger picture until I passed over. It was then that I was able to expose it through Veronica, whom, I may say, saw very quickly what was happening all around her. She was shocked to see that so many people were blindly unaware of what was being done to them. Their surreptitious infiltration everywhere, without ever giving even a hint of their plans, was clever indeed. Now, people are seeing with eyes wide open and they cannot believe how they could have been so naive. Nothing was as it seemed. To wake up from such a control system has not been easy for many of you. Do not be frightened. It is what is meant to happen. The time is now.