Saint Germain ~You are the food sources of this duality and it is felt that you no longer wish to feed it~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

Greetings, beloved I AM Presences and friends of mine dwelling on Earth. How I cherish all of you and this Earth ; I wish to clearly utter the expression of my Love for I share it deeply and fully. I welcome you all, my beloved friends.

It really doesn’t matter whose Higher Self is who, because we all are One. The human misconception to divide specific units and energies into categories has become a huge misunderstanding and has culminated in various denominations. Instead of unifying and coalescing into one, those misunderstandings have only led to separation and division. Nevertheless, now they come to their end as you are evolving into a unity. Back to your original Being.

Beloved friends, please become conscious of the fact that everything forms one unity, forms one mass of energy, one source. This is ALL OF YOU, each one of you including the dark ones. Everybody belongs to this, everybody is a part of it. Everybody plays his role in this life with the purpose of allowing more souls to shift through experiences and through opening the eyes and the heart. Even the most dark particle on this planet plays its role to perfection and gives rise to massive awakenings due to the fact that one does no longer condone certain actions, resulting further on in enlightenment and salvation. Do you really understand this fully that everybody plays an integral part and that it is actually you, yourself, that is taking a firm stand by saying ‘no’ to all that no longer serves you and rather appals you?

That in fact is the salvation that has been talked about on many occasions : you pulling yourself out of this way of doing, of thinking and of living. Pulling yourselves right out of misery, out of lower vibrations where you were put under veils first and foremost because you consented to it and also because you all have been placed under pressure from the dark forces which have instilled in you your fears, your hatred, your lust for power and your ego.

It is now up to you to counteract this and to not let you be drawn back in these kinds of impurities. When One stays in Love and harmony there’s no longer a need for you to free yourself from this as it can no longer influence you. Countless incarnations have led up to life as it is now on Earth. The endless battle between falling and getting up. Keep your focus dauntlessly on your mission on Earth; on your Enlightenment and on your Ascension to a much higher vibration of Love. The time has come for you to free yourselves once and for all from the lower vibrations and to leave them behind for all eternity. The time has come for you to pass through them as your last steps in duality! The time has come for you to leave it all behind and to choose your World created from Love in which you are evolving splendidly! The time is now!!!

Let your hearts speak of Love and let it create what it wishes to see, to feel and to be. Never before have there been times like these on Earth, where everything is placed very high on a cosmic level, assisting on all levels and on all Dimensions, including this one. Make good use of this assistance and do not consider it as being a small step to take for it is and will remain a tough task to focus on this from Love! It is of utmost importance to be this Love, to feel, to share and to spread this Love all over the world, to every beloved soul living on Earth. NOW is the time to act that way! NOW!!!!

Disregard all disputes, why would you let them interfere in these most important times when you have already come so far? I urge you to simply ignore those disturbing factors and leave them be, without giving them any further thought. In a rather desperate attempt they come your way so you could cling on to them so that duality can keep on feeding on you. Duality can no longer exist without the constant feeding of energy by you : once the source of its energy is removed, its existence collapses, never to be concocted up ever again.

You are the food sources of this duality and it is felt that you no longer wish to feed it and because of this the last and most powerful trumps are being played out in the hopes of tempting you to give in. Please don’t get involved in these games of temptation anymore and see through them straightaway before they enter your energy. Feel the forming of them before they are duly formed and retreat, if necessary, out of all those distorted situations and focus entirely now on yourself and on all that is for the Highest good of you and of the entire world.