The Ascended Masters and the Hathors: You are Being Initiated into a Whole New Paradigm of Consciousness
-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Can you dear souls imagine that you have plentiful guides all around you at all times, simply waiting to be called upon?

We will let you know that we are with you in the form of synchronicities which can be numeric by nature but which can be expressed in a plethora of other ways. For example, seeming coincidences that occur in your Lives are usually attempts by fragments of your higher selves to reach you and communicate a specific message, and we help in the attempt to get your dear souls’ attention and to help and guide you along your paths.

Every choice that you make is setting the stage for and building upon the manifestation of further events in your Lives and the perspectives you employ determine the course your Lives are to be heading in.

Those on your world who feel that a cataclysm or disaster is imminent are feeling the breakdown of the old and dense energies in themselves and as a result, are coping with the surfacing of the negative feelings that have, until now, driven the subconscious rage and density that some dear souls on your world feel but keep bottled-up, yet express such rage in the form of belief systems, ideals and opinions.

What has been kept and held within is now arising to the surface and while some dear souls would stay comfortable within their unrealized densities for a much longer period of time than the ascension cycle is calling for, the intervention and assistance from the Divine Forces is seeing to it that every dear soul is offered the full opportunity to work through latently-held issues that have laid dormant within the surface perception and consciousness of many an Earth soul.

Even many unawakened souls are still surfacing issues from past or current Lives and working through the density and trauma that has naturally been gained whilst experiencing a world rooted in density and darkness for so very long.

We wish to tell you of the importance and magnitude of the Lighted energies many of you dear souls are bringing through yourselves, for you are uplifting parts of your world that need such upliftment if they are to properly resonate with the coming energies, which will see all that is of density and the lower vibrations transmuted and recruited over to the energetic side of the Light.

You have heard so very much about the grid of Light being built-upon and sustained with the Light energy you are bringing through yourselves in any given moment, and the importance and strength of your Lighted energy is determined by your belief in the reality of the energy work you are performing when bringing such energy through.

This is one reason we remind you of the importance and magnitude of your Light work, because it simply cannot be expressed enough and your Earthly words simply do not do justice to how powerful and strong the Lighted energies being expressed truly are.

We strive for you to feel these energies in their fullest purity once again and we are working with so very much of ourselves to help you bring about the energetic and physical events that are to be reaching your world and that you are attracting to yourselves in every moment.

Begin to explore the seemingly new realities you are beginning to find within yourselves.

Enjoy your unfolding multidimensional perspective; expand upon it in any moment you find yourselves able to, for it is equally important for you to begin to consciously interact with the realms of Source as they unfold within your sphere of perception.

You are now beginning to consciously experience the higher realms once again and this was your very mission, dearest souls; to become open to the higher realms so that you could properly resonate with the Lighted energies that would see you acting as a conduit for Source to express itself through, to rebuild Gaia’s planetary grid and establish a grid much stronger and more infallible to the influence of the dark and dense energies.