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: Activation of the Lemurian

With the words OMAR TA SATT I greet each one.

With my energy, with my light, with my ray Seth I let the messages of the Lemurian light flow to you. In the light of immeasurable love Seth works uncompromisingly, just like once in the time of Atlantis. It may be possible to find compromises for oneself in the duality, in this energy in which you are, but in the divine Reality there is no compromise. In the divine Reality you find the unity with All-that-is. Sangitar has been prepared for the walk-in and these energies are anchored in 16 of her aspects already. We do not want to withhold passing these energies on to you now already. Therefore Seth asks all of you to close your so that Sangitar can open her to pass this energy on to you. With Lemuria it all . When the big experiment was carried out and Lucifer separated himself from the merkabah of God, the love bond was also cut. An enormous hail of comets tore planets deep down, but the field Lemuria was not affected. Lemuria is the biggest divine Reality field on your planet. There were no bodies in Lemuria. For millions of years you worked in Lemuria with pure light, with full power and . But we did not know either what was going to happen with this experiment. For us it was new as well and we made preparations. There was no telling that a body would form itself around your light. You travelled to Lemuria with the conviction as high light in order to transform the Lucifer energy with your light and to fetch the planets back home again. For us it was not easy to watch as you forgot who you are more and more, that a veil laid itself around you. Lemurian energy is very important in this time for shall unify. For with Lemuria the ascension will also come to take place. You have received a Crystal. This Crystal carries the primal information of you as light, as pure light, when you went to Lemuria. When Seth activates the Crystal AMBA’REES, AMBA’REES, AMBA’REES now and embeds it in your light body you will feel immediately, more than ever before, that you are more than just body, that you are pure light in reality, strong, powerful. And you will feel that this Crystal will act in you in all the facets, the pure strength and the Lemurian fire. At the moment we do so that the energies unify to a sound. AMBA’REES has a deep significance, for, like the Lemurian fire, it is a token of our high regard and our love for you, for each single one, to show you how strong you really are. For with each layer that has laid itself around your light while you had begun your service in Lemuria you were led into forgetting more and more. Into forgetting due to the power of the duality, the energies. But right now the time has come to make this perceptible for you, to make perceptible that from the beginning of time until today you have borne this pure light in yourself. Through the development of your body the light was not extinguished, but it became weaker, and in the duality, in this energy, much has happened that even we ourselves could not have guessed. Twice there was an attempt to fetch the earth back home. Twice this attempt has failed. In this time there will be a third attempt and I tell you, this time it will succeed. Because of that these preparations are so necessary. For when the ascension comes every embedded pattern will be released and even though you have a body then the pure light will be so powerful that it will make it possible for you to experience this in your body. Go into the deepest intention, into your divine light and yourself. Activate your Heart Ray….
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