ARCHANGEL HANIEL. “Release What Is Toxic And Allow What Is New To Enter Your Life.” By, Bella Capozzi. December 2, 2012.

With love I greet you. It is I, Haniel. In joy I speak with you on this day. For this is the time of fresh beginnings. This is the time of the purging of the old and the ushering in of your God-given mastery. We stand witness to the dawining of the glorious Platinum Age of Light. Heed the call, Dear Ones, and let not a second more pass you by that you are not fully encompassed in the enormous waves of love cresting over the planet. Do not tarry, do not lag. Dive in headlong and enjoy the sheer bliss of it all! Can you not feel it already? Those sudden rushes of the purest, clearest, love? It is a sensation so long unfamiliar to you, and it is not that you did not ever know this feeling — it is that you simply forgot.

And if you have not yet felt it, you needn’t despair. If the bliss has not yet overtaken you, it is because you’ve yet to bid it entry. This bliss is huge and seeks to overpower all else within and about you. Once you lay claim to it, you shall never be the same as you were before you did. You must call to it and give permission to it to transform you, as even feelings and energies and vibrations such as these cannot violate your personal free will. It needs tremendous space in which to expand and grow, which means that you must make it room and let it run wild and free. Feel every cell, every molecule within your body abuzz with the electric light. Hear the frequencies of Home and the music of the Spheres. Shut off the clamor of the mind and tune into the dulcet singing of your Higher Being.

Discard your cumbersome old Human baggage. (Laughter) And that means more clearing, yes! It seems a neverending chore, does it not, as just when you think you are done with all that, you stumble upon yet more cobwebs and clutter to be swept away. Now, heed me well, because there is clutter of a particular type I choose to address within this communication. I speak of the proverbial graveyard of past relationships which lies fallow and thick with weeds. The energetic residue from these relationships — both past life and present one — is taking up valuable space within your heart. We find that it is resurfacing over and over to sabotage your growth. This must not be permitted to continue, unchecked. When you cling to the past, be it for reasons of sentiment or fearfulness, the cords of attachment remain unsevered. Much of the time, as in the cases of past life ties, you may not even be aware that these attachments even exist. Are you in a relationship currently, in which you are suffering pain and heartache and abuse? Do you feel contractually bound? Are you clinging to past hurts, because you think that to feel pain is better than to feel what you erroneously perceive as feeling nothing at all? This that you call nothingness is not nothingness by any stretch. This calmness, this lack of turbulent emotion means that you have found your stillpoint. It means that you are centered, you are balanced, and you have found that private oasis of peace inside; within which you may remain safe and protected from the chaos of the 3rd dimensional world. This feeling may seem almost foreign to you, but rest assured that in coming days it will come to be only too familiar.

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