Channelled through Natalie Glasson-

During these sacred times of being incubated in the love of the Creator, I wish for you to know that I draw close to you as do the angelic
kingdom to be of support and service. The transition that you are experiencing now, whether they appear small or large to you will alter
your state of awareness, heightening your spiritual abilities and amplify your intuition. There is a need to allow your sensitivity and
awareness of yourself and intuition to be heightened as you delve deeper within your being to draw the truth of the Creator and your soul
into the physical reality and the sun light of the Earth once more.
Through each and every soul of the Creator energies are activating from ancient times and civilisations to imprint once more on the
consciousness and awareness that is arising from humanity and every soul aspect of the Creator. Sacred truths of Lemuria, Atlantis,
Egypt and many sacred civilisations and sites on the Earth are now being anchored into the Earth and reawakened within the
consciousness of humanity through the expression of your soul energy and truth. You and every being focusing upon ascension at this
time is projecting ancient wisdom that now needs to be perceived and retained in the consciousness of humanity to bring forth the unity
of divine consciousness on the Earth. As we begin to free ourselves from the past and embark on a new journey of ascension we cannot
forget what has been sacred and treasured within each civilisation on the Earth, with radiance from every soul and unity we can restore
the conscious enlightenment and awareness of humanity to higher vibrational states. It is important at this time that you hold the intention
that the wisdom so sacredly held within your soul emerges, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, radiating the vibrations across
the Earth to each and every sacred site. Simply ask the sacred truth your soul holds from many civilisations experienced on the Earth to
awaken and radiate from your being across the Earth activating new consciousness from the sacred points of the Earth to form a new
enlightened consciousness. Allow your love to flow with tremendous generosity to support all that is being expressed from your being and
activated on the Earth. Remember that our purpose at this time is to create unity and oneness so allow an enlightened united
consciousness to form for all to experience and draw from.
Let the sacred wisdom that unfolds from your soul breath heightened vibrations and support into the Earth and Mother Earth. Mother
Earth will respond to you sharing her deepest secrets and truths of the past, present and future of the Earth. Please know that Mother
Earth is lovingly supporting you at this time of transition and heightened enlightenment.
Do not be fearful of your power arising at this time, you are being encouraged to empower your being with intense volumes of light. Your
inner soul power will naturally develop and there is an importance to allow your power and core strength to emerge with grace and
fearlessness as this in itself will allow for a deep activation that has been waiting to occur throughout many of your civilisations. Now
supported in the incubator love of the Creator you can allow your true vibration and radiance to shine with vigour and confidence. Many
civilisations have experienced the suppression of their inner sacred power which is creative and will support you through any stage of
ascension. Let us as a united energy with the Earth and the universe of the Creator dissolve all aspects of suppression of power allowing
loving sacred power to unfold humbly from our beings. Let us celebrate each other’s power, strength and the guiding light of our intuition.
Dissolve all boundaries that you have placed around you to protect you from pain, there is no need for you to create or choose an
existence of pain any more. Allow yourself to choose the power of your love, let it unfold so that all of humanity can unite in the
understanding of the immense strength and power of the loving vibrations of the Creator which channel through each and every being.
The strength of the Creator is being demonstrated to you at this time as intense energy vibrations flow forward onto the Earth and into
your being, please do not be fearful of allowing your loving power to shine from your being as this will bring forth a strong core to guide
you through the next stages of ascension.