Karen Doonan: Arcturians Message for 14th Dec. 2012

Greetings dear ones, we are the Arcturians and we come to guide and support ALL at this time of major unfolding of the new earth energies upon planet earth. Much is changing at cellular level for your human vehicle and this is being shown to you in the reflections that are your human life experiences. We are here to guide specifically on the changes to the human vehicle and how they may be interpreted at this time in your human life experience.

Planet earth is being showered with high-energy frequencies and many of you are able to feel this at a deep level. This heightening of frequency is to enable the new earth energies to be fully anchored not only into planet earth but also into the human vehicle through which YOU experience this planet. This is the change that is driving many to the point of questioning sanity for it is an upgrade like no other.

Let us explain more clearly in order that you may obtain further clarity of vision. Many of you are holding on deeply to the ways of the old earth and we guide this is affecting your energy levels and your energy signature. To continue to live out of the old world paradigms will see your energy levels begin to dive, for the new earth energies ask that you nurture SELF, they ask that you become more aware of how the human vehicle processes information. Many are not acknowledging this and going back into the logical mind, the logical mind cannot process the information that is coming through in the new frequencies to the level that the heart can, for the frequencies already harmonise with the heart.

The heart is the seat of LOVE in humans, it is the seat of the SOUL and the LOVE that is pouring into and across planet earth is recharging this area of your BEing. It is jump-starting the LOVE that YOU ARE in TRUTH, do you understand our analogy? Do you understand our words?

The human vehicle has been denied its source of fuel for aeons, the fuel to the human life experience is LOVE dear ones and yet LOVE is what you have been taught to deny SELF and we see many who are in fear of allowing LOVE into their human life experience. It is in TRUTH what YOU ARE, it is what YOU are created from and it is the frequency from which all of creation is created from. Yet you deny this to SELF and we ask why? We ask why you would deny yourself sustenance at this time of major transformation across and within planet earth.

Let us explain why you would deny SELF for the teachings are shown clearly to us but we are not in human form and we fully appreciate and acknowledge the difficulty that lies within in accepting TRUTH at this time. The logical human mind is the disturber of the peace if you understand our meaning dear ones. It is the rogue element that will try to convince SELF that all is but a dream and all is but made up.

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