The Ascended Masters: The Best Thing You Can Do is to Come Together
Posted by Wes Annac

We see you constantly immersed in a Creation of your own making and we watch as [some of] you dear souls feel you are not getting the proper nurturing and attention that you feel you require along your paths.

If only you could peek beyond your own instated veils for a moment, you would see that all is truly in perfect harmony and there truly is never anything to worry yourselves with. Everything you are experiencing at this time is a fading aspect of the illusion and is making itself known to you one last time before your ultimate review, release and transmutation.

Honor and nurture yourselves, dear souls, for you deserve all the rest and relaxation you can get along your Earth journeys.

Many of you are experiencing difficulty and hardship and while miracles are abounding for many others on the surface of your beautiful, ascending world, we wish to address the concerns of some who feel that they are losing their grip upon their own Lives and Creations. We wish to remind you that we are all here for you and that your fellow Lightworker community is here for you; each and every one of you.

We truly mean it when we say that you are never alone, dear souls.

You have so many friends, guides, allies and colleagues all waiting to connect with you and you have so many dear awakening souls on Earth who are going through similar things as you. You would laugh perhaps, if you could see how coordinated your individual and collective experiences truly are.

Many of you have experienced such similar lessons that when learning about the similarity of such lessons, you will wonder how they could have been so strongly related to each other and this is because you are all going through the same Earth experience in your own individual ways, and we encourage you wholeheartedly to reach-out to us and all others whom you feel could help to Lighted your vibrations at any time you are feeling down.

You are sparks of an infinite Creator who Loves you more than you could possibly fathom, and you have so many higher dimensional souls and collectives who await your realization of our presence around you. All of you; each and every one of you have met us before in past encounters upon the surface of your Earth and we have shown you dear souls the other side of the veil whilst we spent our Lives on Earth.

We taught the Earth collective as you [Lightworkers] are now doing and we saw it in ourselves to overcome the dense and negative energies with our Light and truth, just as you dear souls are doing marvelously at this time.

Feel us as we are with you and as we cloak and surround you with our supremely-pure Love. This Love that we are gifting you is the pure Love of the Creator and can never be overcome or overrun by darkness. You as well can never be overrun by darkness and while mind will teach you survivalist and defensive traits to sustain and handle the illusion, we say that the heart will lead you onward to the future you wish to manifest for yourselves.