Blossom Goodchild 12-14-2012

And we say to you that we have experimented and learned of so much due to your devotion to the cause. We do not say this just to you dearest Blossom, yet to each one who has joined us along the way … in this merry party! For we are able to hear your voices of yearnings. We are able to hear your prayers. We continue to analyze matters that you put forth to us and surmise as to how best to approach them on your behalf.

We cannot quite understand all that is presented due to the difference in vibration and it is not always as clear when it reaches us. A little like your Chinese whispers. Yet it is the energy of that which you beseech that arrives in all its glorious colour.

These days … and we are speaking of today forth … you shall notice a profound difference in your way of thinking. You shall find yourself aware of YOURSELF and the way it is CHOOSING to conduct its thoughts. You shall find it easier to be of a brighter nature.

May I interrupt here?

Do we have a choice?

Nope! For quite a while I have found on waking to be rather ‘dragged down’ in my entirety. I have to make a real effort to pull myself out of it and ‘get going’. I would have thought by now it would not have to be such a struggle … such an effort. It is only after being up and about that something ‘clicks’ back into the more amenable me! Can you chat about that please?

Indeed. You are ‘leaving the old’. You are letting go of it. It is that in your sleeping hours you are revisiting that which you are sending on its way … in order to do so!

You are … many of you … taking on a vast amount of ‘cleansing’ during your sleep time. Not just for yourselves … but for your planet. For all damage that has occurred. You are dissipating darker energies. You are travelling to many places to ‘prepare’ not just the souls of an area , but the EARTH and environment around it .

You are teaching/ learning at ‘seminars’. You are ‘revising’ that which you are to accomplish as these days bring into fruition the ultimate plan. You are busy bees when you are ‘unconscious’.

Struth … no wonder I FEEL as I do!