Hello my friends. Well, a bit of a journey has been walked since last in communication … which I have written about on my BlogSpot. ( So I guess I would like to hand it straight over to you and see where we go from here?

Welcome to you and we are very much ready to speak with you once again. We are aware that one’s journeying … not just yours Blossom … but many, has had its ‘rocky road’ to travel over this last period of time. We are aware too that for many the Light entered their BEING and they were astounded by it. We understand that you personally were awaiting a ‘major show’ and that your heart resisted the joy that was available.

Not on purpose … that’s just the way it went for me.

This we accept. And yet you are also correct in noticing that there were many that needed to transform negative energy through their body so that the ‘disappointment’ was not as HUGE as it could have been.

Yet would you not say that now that is done … you have a FEELING of expectation and hope?

Indeed yes … but not for anything that is to happen … not anymore. Just a feeling inside me of hopefulness that the world is rapidly going to see changes for the good. I still feel there is to be an Event. I still feel we will see Pillars of Light … speaking of which … would you care to comment on the Brazilian Light pillars that took place? ( )

We thank you for bringing that up and we would suggest that the form that the LIGHT took in these shots that were taken were a residue of film (?) that was cast from atmospherics much higher up. When we say ‘film’ we do not mean of the ‘movie’ we mean of the word … ‘layer’.

So are you saying this was a ‘fraction’ of the pillars of Light that you have been talking about?

We are indeed. These pillars must be created as we are sure you appreciate. They do not just appear out of nowhere. Yet from your perspective this is how it shall seem. We have spoken to you of these pillars being filled with knowledge and energy. These therefore, must be accurately devised in order for the correct effect. And yet we say to you …. That although we would ‘suggest’ that this particular Light pillar is ‘of our doing’ … what we intend to ‘project’ out to you will be far more ‘intense’ than that which we are speaking of.